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A Family for Every Child                August 2010


Justin and Lowla Rain 

 Ages 6, 7 

 Justin Rain


 Thank you to those below that made all the difference in finding these children a family!


Social Worker: Pauline Duke

Photographer: Meg Borders

  Permanency Supervisor: Laurie Mayer 





Age 12 





Thank you to those below that made all the difference in finding Raven a family!


Permanency Supervisor:  Laurie Mayer





Age 10





Thank you to those below that helped Erwin find a family!


Social worker:  Deborah Warren-Collins

Permanency Supervisor:  Lauire Mayer

Special Recruiter:  Bryna Desper

Photographer:  Yuen Lui Studios



Please Vote for Us!



A Family For Every Child has just joined a national grant Competition to help us help more children find forever families. We have submitted a grant through the Pepsi Refresh Project, and your votes determine the winners.

You can vote at: refresheverything.com/foreverfamilies and by texting 101552 to 73774(pepsi) And you can vote twice (once online and once by text) each day all month long.


Anyone 13 and older can vote, so please help us spread the word. Thanks again!



 Winter Wonderland Gala Dinner & Auction 


Save the date: November 10th 

Place: Valley River Inn

Time: 5:30pm social hour


$100 Per Person

$1,000 Per Table (10)


Event Chairs:

Diana Bray, Roxy Ragozzino, Melissa Stock



Sid Voorhees


Master of Ceremonies:

Bill Barrett


Sponsorship Opportunities Available


For more information or to RSVP, contact:

541-343-2856 info@afamilyforeverychild.org

Kassey Carter-Young, Director of Development





Volunteer Roles Available 


Mentor Volunteer


In our short but fast growth, we have seen the impact a few dedicated people can make. Our most powerful tool is our website.  Through technology we have been able to find over 500 homes for children waiting in foster care.  

We are an organization that runs on volunteers, we are in need of Technically savoy volunteers.


Web Volunteer: (8-20 hours a week) Help us build our many web sites and expand our tools to help children find homes.  You will need to know HTML and CSS. We need you!


Audio Web Program: Interviewing Case workers about kids on the phone, uploading to the web for kids pages.


Matching Assistance Program: A program geared to help parents in the adoption process needs the following Web help.


Web Listing: (Best if done an hour a day. Possibly less, needs regular attention) Adding children into our web database, editing as a child's status changes, updating picture, adding media links etc. Checking monthly to keep children updated on the web.


Web Page/Writing: (Any available time) Research, write and compile info for us to link and paste on our Web pages, especially those on the login site that have "coming soon" on them.  


Web Process: (Any available time) Signing on to our new login site and acting as a family (writing script and suggestions that will help our site be more user friendly for families). Help create web forms and other ways to assist families. Help develop RSS feed tools, Twitter feeds and other ways families can get immediate information on children they are interested in adopting.


Other web/technology volunteers needed:


Webinar Development: We have a number of Webinar programs we would like designed for various programs. We provide the program and information.


Web Writing: (Any available time) Need written, research and collection of information for our web pages and family resources.

Pick subjects that are interesting to you, then do research and write articles for our various websites about those topics. Someone else's article we can only link to (copyright), but if it is original authorship (they write the article in their own words from at least 3 sources), we can publish it in its entirety. Preferably, we would get a couple of articles a week for each of the 3 websites. If you would like more information on possible topics/guidelines, contact below.



Please contact us at A Family For Every child to get involved in our mission and to join our team.




  Family Finding Volunteer Training 


Becoming a Family finder is a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Help children remain connected with their biological families. All trainings are held on Saturday and will be at the 880 Beltline location. From 9am-Noon. The next training is on August 14th.


Learn about the six steps of the Family Finding process and how just a few hours a week can have a lasting impact on the children we serve.


Please RSVP to Helen at: helen@afamilyforeverychild.org or 541.729.1458



 Matching Assistance Program 


Do you want to be "found" for a waiting child? 


Every day children's case workers search for suitable homes for hundreds of foster kids nationwide. In this search, they are looking at parenting qualifications such as:

  • Parent Training and Education
  • Ability to accommodate special needs
  • Family background and situation

Having your profile, narrative, home study, and possibly a video ready for a searching case worker greatly increases the chance that you will be selected as a potential family for a child.

High-tech equipment isn't needed to provide this information to us. Regular family photos can be taken with an ordinary digital camera and uploaded via the internet to the AFFEC website. The profile consists of information about how to reach you, your situation, and your parenting experiences.

Matching Assistance helps support families during their journey to adoption. For more info Click Here



 Matching Assistance Program Volunteers Needed 


These positions can be done from anywhere and you don't need to be a volunteer in our area. We will have you work directly with our volunteer coordinator and the Matching Assistance Director.


Child Outreach - Contacting and building relationships with other photo listings to try and link each other. Photo list their kids and build partnerships to help recruit for more kids.


Program Outreach - Send our flyers, emails, materials to promote the Matching Assistance Program. Link partner sites, share our message about the Program with other agencies, adoption workers, parent groups and potential parents.


Targeted Email Outreach for families of specific children in urgent need of placement - Several hours a week. Once you do an email, there will be a few hours spent responding and submitting on children for potential families. Each email is approx. 1 hour to prepare and 2 hours to respond.
This is our most important role, the more you do it the better and faster you will get. It involves really understanding and using our database. We get "urgent" requests from caseworkers for placement on children (this we see as an opportunity for us to get families in front of caseworkers). 

We go into our data base of over 5000 families, do a search on families that would be a good fit for these children (2-parent, open to older kids, a certain age group, race etc..), then we send an email with the child's info and ask if they would consider this child. Once we submit their study on them we then send their studies to the caseworker.  We often get 20+ families in 24 hours.


Research Volunteer - Researching training, articles, support, state-by-state info for our web, family support materials and notebooks, newsletters etc.


Matching Assistance - Blog, Form, Bulletin board.
Help us develop information sharing tools for our matching assistance program.
If you are interested, please contact:
info@afamilyforeverychild.org  or



How can you contact A Family For Every Child?
Call, email, or visit us online or in person!

contactus880 Beltline Rd.
Springfield Oregon 97477

office - 541-343-2856
toll free - 877-343-2856
fax - 541-343-2866

Executive Director--Christy Obie-Barrett





Age 13



 Thank you to those below that helped Ruvim find a family!


Social Worker: Nacole Patterson





Age 8




 Thank you to those below that helped Traveonte find a family!


Social Worker: Bo Xayavong


Permanency Supervisor: Laurie Mayer 


 Photographer: Kelli Hodges




Age 10




 Thank you to those below that helped Skyler find a family!


Caseworker: Linda Cline


Special Recruiter: Valerie Pitcher 


 Photographer: Mary LeRoy



Social Media Volunteer 


We have some ideas of how we would like to use our social media to do fundraising and need someone that has experience or an interest to learn to help us. 


If you think this position may fit you, go for it!


Contact AFFEC today!



We Need Computers! 


Please remember AFFEC when you are disregarding old computers, we'll take them!




Support Group 



Upcoming Sessions:


August 12th, 2010 - Speaker will be Christy sharing about the Parent/Child relationships


September 9th, 2010 - Speaker from DHS sharing about CANS Assessment and Adoption Subsidy


September 23rd, 2010 - Youth Panel sharing their stories - youth from foster care, adopted youth, youth who have aged-out

When: 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month

Time: 5:30-7:30pm

Where: Boys and Girls Club of Emerald Valley
1545 W 22nd Ave
Eugene, OR 97405

Activities for Children available

Please RSVP to: lisa@afamilyforeverychild.org

Click below for a great webinar on adoption!


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 AFFEC Media


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AFFEC Blog: Please contribute your thoughts!



Our Mentor Program now has a discussion group:

Yahoo Mentor Group Disc


Perhaps you are addicted to Social Media. Perhaps you would like to get involved. We could use you!


We are always looking for volunteers to help us manage and respond to these sites. If you are interested, please contact christy@afamilyforeverychild.org







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