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May 2010


Age 9



Jerry is a very inquisitive and creative nine-year-old boy who loves to do all kinds of art projects. He also enjoys most physical activities and playing chess and video games. Most recently, he has begun to enjoy having adults read to him.

Jerry has been in foster care five years and has had 12 placements, including his current Therapeutic foster care home. Having a challenging first four years of life, he is now working through his confusion and trying to understand what has happened to him through Play Therapy and his artwork. He has a solid Treatment Team in place (including his Therapist, Psychiatrist, Speech Therapist, Day Treatment Staff and a Mentor) to help him heal from his trauma. His team should be viewed as a great source of information and support to prospective adoptive parents.

Jerry would do best in a two parent family and he responds more positively to men than women, so a male couple might be well suited to him. However, what is most important for Jerry is that his prospective parents have some understanding and knowledge of "attachment theory," as well as grief and loss issues. Jerry needs a committed family, who can remain emotionally neutral when Jerry escalates, and who can provide a calm and nurturing environment with a consistent, predictable day to day schedule, with clear and firm boundaries.


Jerry needs a secure and patient family that can give him time to develop trust. A family flexible enough to understand Jerry's sense of fairness, and his feelings of anxiety and his issues around trust. Prospective parents who have knowledge/experience with OIS Training (Positive Parenting) and Collaborative Problem Solving will be viewed favorably.

Most recently, Jerry's self-esteem has improved and he is learning to practice empathy. He now enjoys spending time with his Mentor, and they have gone to church together, which Jerry also enjoys. Jerry has been through considerable trauma, loss and grief, but he still wants very much to be adopted. A safe, secure and permanent family may be the key to help Jerry realize his full potential.




Age 9



Sierra is a sweet child who loves attention and loves to interact with others. She has an easy going smile and laughs often. At times Sierra seems much older than her eight years. She enjoys spending time with adults and loves to be the center of attention. Although Sierra has some academic delays, she has an air about her that radiates intelligence and thoughtfulness.

Sierra is a happy child with brown hair and a petite 4' 3 tall frame. She has an engaging smile with a pleasant and friendly personality. Sierra does enjoy playing with children her age and loves pets.

Sierra's adoptive family should be skilled and have the ability to advocate for her treatment needs. The skills necessary for Sierra to be successful are for her adoptive parent(s) to be able to provide the love and nurturing that she needs coupled with an ability to set appropriate boundaries. Her adoptive parent(s) should also be able to advocate strongly for her service and educational needs as well as being part of her treatment services.

Sierra is a child who needs a permanent home. She so much wants her forever family and her treatment team believes that a permanent home is the key to helping Sierra be successful. Sierra has a lot of love to give to her family, and is anxiously awaiting her one and only adoptive home.

It has been determined that Sierra should be placed in a home with no other children and no men.



Age 6


Zachary is an adorable, energetic boy who enjoys imaginative play both inside and outside. He needs positive redirection and responds well to a daily schedule. Zachary is affectionate and thrives when provided with consistent guidance. He likes to read books, play dress up, and enjoys doing chores with his caretaker. Zachary always enjoys a good laugh and jokes with both adults and his peers.

Zachary has bright blue eyes and dark blond hair that he wears in spikes. He has a wonderful smile and his eyes sparkle when he is enjoying himself or being mischievous.

Zachary needs a knowledgeable and patient family that can provide a safe home life for him to meet his full potential. Zachary is a lovable and fun boy who needs to play with his caretakers and craves affection from those around him. Because of Zachary's behaviors, his new family will need to provide individual attention and have the appropriate skills to handle transitions. He needs a family that will be open to contact with his mother and/or father and who will provide any ongoing treatment needs in the future. Zachary will continue to grow and thrive in a loving home with a regular schedule and predictability.




Austin Jacob 

Austin and Jacob 

Ages 15, 9


Austin and Jacob are typical boys who enjoy rough housing, playing sports, and playing video games. Both boys have bright blue eyes and sandy brown hair, which is kept short.

Austin is reserved and can be soft spoken. He enjoys cooking meals and is learning a variety of life skills. He loves going to school and being 'one of the guys' with his peers. He also enjoys being read the Harry Potter series.

Jacob is outgoing and is often more dominant than Austin. Jacob has a funny sense of humor and isn't afraid to tell it like it is. He enjoys dressing up on a daily basis and loves his suit jacket and tie combination. He can be a very smart boy and is able to maneuver situations to his benefit.

Each of the boys has a unique sense of humor and express their likes and dislikes regarding aspects of their daily routine. They are both developing their religious sense and are active in their local Christian church.

Austin and Jacob have been together throughout their placement in foster care and have a strong connection with their current foster parents, which will likely continue. It should be noted that there will not be any contact with the biological family.

Austin and Jacob need a home where they can remain together and have nurturing parents who are flexible, posses strong communication skills, and a willingness to work closely with the school and therapists (as needed) in order to help enhance their future opportunities.



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