How It All Began

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A Family For Every Child (AFFEC), a non profit organization, began with its founder Christy Obie-Barrett, a mother of 12 children - 9 of which are adopted. Christy wanted to make a difference in the lives of more children and found a way through non profits. In January 2006, AFFEC was created to help find permanent homes for many of Oregon's waiting children with special focus on special needs/hard to place children.
In April, Christy's friend, Andrea Kingsley Rippee, joined and helped create and introduce several new programs. The first of these programs was the Heart Gallery of Lane County. This program partners with area businesses to showcase a waiting child with their photo and short biography where their clientele can see them. Our first Heart Gallery partner was the 5th Street Public Market. We owe much to them in their willingness to help get this highly successful program off and running.
Our Heart Gallery Mentor program was created to provide local mentors to waiting children so that they would receive positive influences from the local community.

The Family Building program was created to support the families throughout the adoption process. This started as a support group that met twice per month.

Family Finding started in September of 2006 when AFFEC brought a nationally known speaker, and Family Finding Creator,
Kevin Campbell to do 6 month training. AFFEC opened this training to Child Welfare workers and CASAs.
Life Book Group began, this was created and run by a volunteer with the help of community businesses.
All our efforts were supported 100% by our in-kind donations of local volunteers and businesses.



We worked with over 250 children through one of our many growing programs. We saw over 60 children move through the Heart Gallery to find their Forever Families, largely based on churches for our locations with a new one added every month.

We saw the start of the Family Finding training program and worked over a dozen initial Family Finding cases. This was the only one in the nation run entirely with volunteers.

This was the first year of our Heart Gallery Christmas Giving program, through which we were able to provide gifts for nearly 100 local foster children.
Our media coverage expanded to include bus sides and billboards, in addition to our ongoing TV, radio & newspaper coverage. Through these programs we started by featuring one child once a month and now that has expanded to a child once a week. This expanded coverage has contributed to an 80% placement rate.
Over 30 children were matched with mentors in our Mentor Program.



Began a relationship with Child Trends, a national research organization, to join Los Angeles and San Francisco in a research project that we believed would show that with our Family Finding efforts, kids leave care sooner and are more connected to those who love them.
Expanded to over 20 venues for our Heart Gallery, with over 100 children moving through the gallery to their own Forever Families.
Became an adoption agency, the Heart Gallery Adoption Agency, which allowed us to recruit for more children and represent our families in a more complete way.
Received our first recruitment contract with the State of Oregon to partner with the state on Child-Specific Recruitment. This work focuses on the longest-in-care and hardest-to-place foster children, which is the core of our mission.
Moved into new offices with 8 employees, a big change from 2007 with only 1 employee and volunteers who worked from home. By the end of 2008, over 100 volunteers were helping children to find their Forever Families.
Began to greatly invest into our website, video, email outreach, & database efforts. The use and introduction of technology into our programs greatly increased our outreach, allowing us expand our programs and set the foundation for nationwide exposure.



Expanded efforts to connect families to the support resources with in their communities in order for them to succeed as a family.
Started a state-wide campaign to activate and educate other people in areas of Oregon to the plight of the children and how the average person, family, and business CAN make a difference.
Instituted the Princess For A Day for area and regional girls from 2-11 in foster care. Spearheaded by a group of dedicated volunteers, participating girls receive the full treatment of hair, makeup, nails, and a dress.
Through our various efforts and programs, over 300 children were adopted that were deemed Hard-To-Adopt or Special-Needs.
Through our recruitment we were able to reduce the average foster care placement of 40 months by half.
Began recruiting for Washington Children on our web site.
Expanded our data base to provide many services and tracking for recruitment and our families.



Instituted our Matching Assistance program to assist families in the matching process. This program utilizes the skills and experience of our staff & volunteers to support home studied families in their journey towards adoption.
Once again we expanded into offices on Beltline Road, with 5 full time and 5 part time employees and over 200 volunteers.
Held our first Winter Wonderland Event.This event helps to raise much needed funds and awareness for our organization and our efforts.
Our Heart Gallery increased to over 50 venues. This program continues to provide a valuable method of finding Forever Families for many children.
Now over 60 mentor matches.
Support over 20 families a month in our Family Building support group that meets twice a month.
Finalized our first adoptions through our Heart Gallery Adoption Agency.
We took on the responsibility of maintaining the Heart Gallery of America web site.
Began photo listing children from many states and all over the country.
We completed our strategic plan, business plan, and 5 year budget.



Renamed our website to It represents our efforts for children throughout the northwest and providing nationwide photolistings for families looking to adopt.