Extensive Team Recruitment

Extensive Team Recruitment combines our efforts towards mentorship, Family Finding, recruitment, and child preparation. It is based off of the Extreme Recruitment model created by the Foster and Adoptive Coalition in Missouri. The Extensive Team Recruitment method was built upon the proven Family Finding model created by Kevin Campbell, with the goal of finding a forever family for every child. Extensive Team Recruitment would function under the tenet that every child deserves a forever family, and that through providing a mentor, Family Finding, recruitment tools, and child preparation, we can find and support that forever family.

How Does Extensive Team Recruitment work?

The Extensive Team Recruitment process begins with the referral of a child's case from the Department of Human Services to A Family For Every Child (AFFEC). AFFEC staff then begin the Family Finding process, and search for relatives, lost loved ones, and community members and groups that are important to the child. A mentor is assigned to the child; mentors can be family members, school staff, former foster parents, or other members of the community who want to assist said child. The mentor and other community members (teachers, coaches, members of the child's faith community, etc.) become a part of the Extensive Team Recruitment process, and are engaged in weekly meetings pertaining to the child's case plan. This ensures that the community is supporting the child; the more community members involved in the decision making process, the more solid all case plans (including the back-up plans) are, and the greater the guarantee that the child will find a stable, loving forever home.

Why Do It?

By participating in Extensive Team Recruitment, we can reduce the number of children in foster care and find a caring forever home for all Lane County kids. The more community groups and members involved, the stronger the program becomes, and more support is available for each child. By involving key community groups, we can ensure that every child receives a mentor, that all possible family is found, that their educational staff is aware and involved, that members of their place of worship can support them, and that we help each child and our community grow as a whole.