Family Finding Volunteer Jobs

  1. File Mining: Research child welfare case files and gather as many relatives' names and contact information as you can find (don't forget kith connections too)! This role requires someone who is detail oriented, a good problem solver, and a great researcher! This role also requires someone who is available during daytime business hours, and can commit 2 to 6 hours to file mining.
  2. Internet Research/Calling and Engagement: Use the Internet to find updated contact information for relatives, more family information, and more connections. Call phone numbers found in the files, case notes, and online in order to try and reach kith and kin connections. Ask individuals you speak with for more connections' names and contact information while determining how committed one might be to the child. This role can be performed from home and requires 5 to 25 hours per case.
  3. Genealogy specialist: Build family trees and research family history for cases so that children may have a better understanding of their roots. This role can be done from home and requires 2 to 10 hours per case.
  4. Follow Up: Call and speak with relatives and connections after family meetings take place in order to determine whether or not family meeting plans are having the intended effect, whether or not relatives and connections are remaining engaged, and help family members, connections, and case staff work through barriers.