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A Family For Every Child
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Christy Obie-Barrett,
Executive Director

A Family For Every Child is a non-profit organization that serves families, children, and agencies nationwide. Thank you for all your support.

My husband and I aren't perfect or rich or beautiful and I was worried about what he would think when he saw our lifebook and he was THRILLED!  He ran through the boys home he was staying at showing everyone who would look his new family and he said he looked at the picture of his father and I every night until he came home!

LifeBooks are created for foster children to tell their story much like a scrapbook.

Welcome Books are created by adoptive parents as a way to introduce a child to his or her new family.

Our LifeBook Team puts together pre-made scrapbook pages for caseworkers, foster parents and adoptive parents to use in their scrapbook creations.

We have heard it is the best gift in the world for a foster child or adoptee.

We are looking for more members to join our LifeBook Team; are you interested?

How do you fit in?   We need you, your creativity (we can lend you some if you think you don't have any), and your time in order to create these gifts for local foster children.   Adoption Life Books resemble scrapbooks and, like scrapbooks, there are a lot of ways to be involved.   Curious?   Interested?   If so, please contact any of the following:

Sandra Estep, Lifebook Co-coordinator,
lifebook@afamilyforeverychild.org ; phone 541-687-9641.

Gail Van Gundy, Lifebook Co-coordinator,
lifebook@afamilyforeverychild.org ; phone 541-688-1488.

or Christy Obie-Barrett,
christy@afamilyforeverychild.org ; phone 541-343-2856

Life Book Request
Request Help with a LifeBook or LifeBook Supplies
Volunteer to help create lifebooks for foster kids Click here to help make lifebooks
Even a small donation can supply a lifebook for a foster child. Find out why! Click here to donate to a lifebook

These books impact the lives of children and protect memories that otherwise might be lost.

Adoption Life Books

" An Adoption LifeBook records a foster/adoptee's life that uses words, photos, graphics, the child's artwork, and memorabilia.   An Adoption LifeBook includes information about the child's birth parents and reason for separation.   It always starts at the child's birth and often includes the fun part of when the adopted child joined a family.

An Adoption LifeBook tells more than a life story.   It represents a unique opportunity for parents to honor every minute of their children's lives.   It acts as the single most meaningful piece of " paperwork " that any social worker can complete.   As for foster parents, this is their chance to give an adoptee/foster child a sweet childhood memory.

What are some of the benefits of an Adoption LifeBook?   An adoption LifeBook provides:

bullet A concrete tool for meaningful conversation
bullet An adoption security blanket
bullet Attachment rituals
bullet Structure for difficult material (such as reasons for the relinquishment)
bullet Ways to normalize adoption language
bullet Ways to reduce fantasy about birthparents (could this help with paying attention in school?)
bullet A front-load for adolescence
bullet Opportunities to create positive identity and ethnic identity
bullet Space for future events
~LifeBook Links~

Birthday Weather
Find the weather for any state or country.   If you want weather for a historical date, i.e. your child's birthday, go to the country/city you want and enter that date.   Free!

Beth O'Malley's Website:  http://www.adoptionlifebooks.com/
Created by an adoptee & new adoptive mother.   Tons of free resources, articles, monthly newsletter, success stories, Q & A section, schedule for Beth's live presentations, and the LifeBook Shoppe (books, workbooks, & special E-reports).

Time Capsule Website:
Discover what happened the day you were born. Headlines, toys, movies, or even famous people born on same date. Free!

Lifebook Articles

Want to learn more?   Need handouts for training?   Check out articles written by an adult adoptee (that would be me--Beth O'Malley).

Interested in finding a map? Google it Go to: http://www.google.com/
and type in "name of country or state/province."   There are many sites which have downloadable maps, geography facts, etcetera.   Very helpful tool for showing where children are born and where they live now.

Karen's Adoption Links
Perhaps one of the best adoption sites---it contains tons of resources related to both LifeBooks and adoption.   IT IS A NON COMMERCIAL WEBSITE.   Newly added are International birth, family search resources, and Sibling Registries for both adoptive parents and adult adoptees.

Day of Birth

Learn what day of the week you were born on.   Discover how many days until your next birthday, how many seconds old you are, plus other links.   Free!

Pages from their lives

Volunteers put their hearts into designing pages for adopted children's Lifebooks.

Welcome Books

Adoptive parents make the Welcome Book as asimple way to introduce a child to his or her immediate family and surroundins, including their pets, car, yard, and house.     Adoptive parents who would like help making a welcome book are invited to contact our lifebook team by clicking this sentence!.

The Welcome Book consists mainly of photos and short descriptions (whew—no tough text like that Life Book).   The length varies between 5-9 pages. Details about the importance of the book and how to make it can be found below.

Our Lifebooking Partners
Jani Aguilar at janilovestocrop@comcast.net Jani holds group scrap booking sessions to put together pages for Foster Kids in Oregon.

A very special thank you to Beth O'Malley

By Beth O'Malley, M.Ed, an adoptee, adoptive mother, adoption social worker, and the author of LifeBooks: Creating a Treasure for the Adopted Child.   Sign up for free LifeBook lessons and a monthly newsletter at www.adoptionlifebooks.com/signup.htm

Adoption LifeBooks - sign up for free tips.
Beth O'Malley helping families create adoption LifeBooks.

Please visit her website at http://www.adoptionlifebooks.com/