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A Family For Every Child
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Christy Obie-Barrett,
Executive Director

A Family For Every Child is a non-profit organization that serves families, children, and agencies nationwide. Thank you for all your support.
Additional Information on Becoming a Mentor

Mentor Description:
Youth mentors help children set goals, solve problems, and make good choices.  A mentor never takes the place of a parent – a mentor is a friend/companion, supportive adult who can be a positive role model. Simple activities such as reading together, playing games, shooting some hoops, going to museums, and doing homework can mean the world to a young person eager for guidance.  All of the youth we serve are in the State of Oregon foster care system.

  • Must be 21 years old
  • Make a one year commitment
  • A sincere desire to be involved with a young person
  • Spend at least 10 hours per month one-on one with the youth
  • Listen, respect, empathize, show patience and the ability to be flexible and look for opportunities for positive outcomes
  • To create avenues of positive and creative fun through adventures that show a life of excitement without the negative influences
  • Track monthly activities, complete and return online report

Few bonds in life are more influential than those between a young person and an adult.  As you and your mentee begin your communication; exploring values, interests and goals, you will find yourself making a difference and having a positive effect on a young person’s life.  What you may also be surprised to see is that you will be learning more about yourself, too.  Mentoring is a shared opportunity for learning and growth for both mentor and mentee. Consistency is very important to youth in foster care.  Foster youth have likely been hurt by adult relationships, this combined with the transition of adults in and out of their lives, may leave them hesitant to form close relationships, this is one reason we ask for a one year commitment.

Application Process:
Once you make the decision to mentor you will need to complete the online Volunteer application.
Volunteer Application (click here)

Once you have completed and submitted this form, you will need to sign the Confidentiality Form and have your fingerprints taken for a background check.  We can do this here in our office free of charge; you will need to schedule an appointment.  You may also have them taken at your local sheriffs; however there are fees involved and each office may have different fees.

You will also be given additional questions to answer regarding your interest and likes; this helps us in matching you with a child with similar likes and interests.  For additional questions click here .

You will also meet with the mentor director, to discuss foster care, and some of the needs of children in foster care. Training will be provided through one-on-one sessions, group sessions, PowerPoint’s, online webinars, and handouts. 

Matching Process:
Foster youth are referred to our mentor program through their caseworker; the caseworker completes a referral form with basic information about the child. The youth will be interviewed by A Family for Every Child staff member; this provides more information about the child’s likes and interests. The youth are matched with an adult mentor who has completed the application process and has similar likes and interests.  By matching the adult and child with like interests this creates a common bond to build the relationship on.

Once the youth and the adult have been selected, a matching meeting will be scheduled.  This meeting usually takes place at the home of the youth.  This meeting will include a staff member from A Family for Every Child, the mentor, the youth, the foster parent and at times the caseworker.  This meeting is where the youth and mentor will be introduced to each other, at this time house rules will be discussed and a plan will be set in place on how the mentoring relationship will proceed.