Mentor Program

Children Needing Mentors

The following articles describe children for whom we are currently seeking mentors. To protect the children from negative attention, we have changed the photos and names of the children.

Ignacio, Age 11 Last Updated June 9, 2017
Ignacio is a spunky and passionate 11 year old living in the Eugene area! He is currently involved in pathfinders, a boy scout group, that shows off his outdoorsy and adventurous side. His least favorite subject in school is math, but loves ancient Greece and social studies. He would love to accompany his mentor at a Eugene Emerald's game, and also enjoys to play football, soccer, and basketball. Ignacio would love to rock climb, camp, and go fishing with his mentor! His favorite restaurant is empire buffet. He is aspiring to become an architect when he grows up. Another one of his favorite hobby is to play video games!If Ignacio sounds like a youth you want to mentor, apply to be involved today!

Mason, Age 18 Last Updated October 13, 2017
Mason is an 18 year old boy, currently living in the Springfield, Oregon area. He enjoys riding bikes, swimming and painting. His favorite subject in school is language arts, whereas his least favorites are math and physical education. Mason loves steak, ribs, burgers and his favorite restaurant is Hometown Buffet. He is a graphic novel reader and loves action-adventure movies too! When he is outside he likes camping and rafting, but while inside video games are his go-to. When Mason grows up he wants to be an artist or a carpenter. Mason says that he is most proud of his creative and imaginative qualities, and he explains himself as kind, talkative and entertaining. He would love to learn how to play an instrument, learn about different types of art, and wishes to one day visit Florence, Italy or Orlando, Florida.

Daniel, Age 11 Last Updated October 13, 2017
Daniel is an 11 year old boy from Springfield, Oregon. He is an adventurous individual who enjoys hiking, swimming, biking, camping and fishing. Daniel is active in boy scouts, soccer and flag football. He enjoys his free time by watching sci-fi and mystery movies, and reading books like Harry Potter and Goosebumps. Daniel loves spending time with friends by playing Pirates of The Caribbean board games, going to the park and having sleepovers. He hopes to learn skills like sewing, making costumes, wishes to indoor skydive and go to Comic-Con. Daniel wants his future mentor to know that he is emotionally strong, doesn’t hold grudges, loves to think outside the box and wants to have a close relationship with his mentor.

Dylan, Age 15 Last Updated March 8, 2017
Stop where you are -- and meet Dylan! Dylan lives in Eugene, and wants to be a police officer when he grows up. He loves P.E., staying active, and movies that pique his interests with action and mystery. A mentor with an eye for adventure would be great for Dylan, and he hopes for an individual that will be patient with him as he grows comfortable around adults. If you'd like to go on an adventure with Dylan, apply to be his mentor today!

Riley, Age 11 Last Updated March 8, 2017
Meet Riley!

Riley is located in the Lane County area. Riley loves music and when he grows up he hopes to be a singer! He also enjoys playing in the orchestra at his school. Some of his other favorite activities include playing video games, playing basketball and reading Greek mythology stories like Percy Jackson and the Olympians! Riley would love to have more exposure to art and learn to draw and paint. Riley is a more reserved young man who would benefit from a mentor willing to help him get out of his comfort zone! A mentor with a love for music and the outdoors would be a great match for Riley! If this sounds like you, apply to be Riley's mentor today!

David, Age 9 Last Updated July 25, 2017
Meet David! He’s a 9-year-old living in the Eugene area who loves cats. His favorite colors are red, blue and black and he is extremely polite. David likes to go camping and build stuff, but he doesn’t get many opportunities to go and be outdoors. David would greatly benefit from a consistent, motivated male mentor who is flexible between doing activities indoor and outdoor. If David sounds like a great mentee to you, become a mentor today!

Harrison, Age 9 Last Updated March 30, 2017
Meet Harrison! Harrison is a 9-year-old who aspires to be a police officer someday. He lives in Springfield and can’t get enough of riding his bike. Harrison loves to be active, spending time outdoors and working on anything with wheels. A male mentor who can provide Harrison with a strong role model would be very beneficial for his confidence. If you believe you could be a support system for Harrison, apply to be his mentor today!

Thomas, Age 13 Last Updated June 2, 2017
Meet Thomas! Thomas is a 13 year old who loves technology and drama class! He is very social, and loves spending time with his friends. If he had to choose one meal to eat every day for the rest of his life, he would be forced to choose between chicken nuggets, hamburgers, mac and cheese, and pb&j sandwiches. Thomas loves working with his hands; he loves to play with Legos and build things. He enjoys drawing and doing anything crafty. Thomas enjoys being outside especially while hiking, camping, bike riding, walking dogs, and trips to the snow! Would you enjoy going on a hike and then out for hamburgers with Thomas? If so, apply to be his mentor right away!

Cameron, Age 11 Last Updated June 15, 2017
Cameron is an outgoing, adventurous 11-year-old boy looking for a mentor in Eugene! He loves learning about animals and his favorite animals are wolves and dogs! He would love to spend a day on the mountains, camping, or hiking. When Cameron gets older he wants to be a Ninja! Cameron would also love to have a mentor that loves board games, cards, playing video games, or doing arts and crafts. His favorite movies are comedy, scary movies, and extreme sports! If Cameron seems like a youth you would enjoy mentoring, apply today and become his mentor!

Carlos, Age 13 Last Updated June 9, 2017
Meet Carlos! Carlos is a 13 year old located in the Eugene area. Carlos is not picky when it comes to food, and his favorite restaurants are Arby's and Taliscos. He enjoys school, particularly science, but struggles with the writing aspects of language arts. He would love a mentor that wants to work on homework with him, as well as go out to hike or ride bikes. He loves video games. He's also musically talented and plays the trumpet. If Carlos sounds like a great match for you please apply to become his mentor today!

Isaac, Age 17 Last Updated March 8, 2017
Meet Isaac! Isaac is located in the Lane County area. His favorite activities are playing video games, watching football and watching movies. His favorite football team is Boise State and likes playing them in video games. Isaac’s favorite food is Chinese and would love to travel and visit China! He really enjoys spending time with his brother but he’s not very talkative. In his free time or vacations away from school, video games are Isaac’s favorite activity. Isaac would like a mentor that enjoys video games, will take him to movies and lunch, and enjoys football and Star Wars. Isaac would greatly benefit from a male mentor who is flexible with transportation.

Garrett, Age 10 Last Updated July 25, 2017
Meet Garrett! Garrett is a 10-year-old football loving, natural athlete who lives in the Springfield area. Garrett loves to do anything active, but would love to eventually get on a dirt bike. He describes himself as being outgoing and would really like to improve his skills on both the keyboard and guitar. Garrett really needs a mentor who will help him get out and about, but also help him focus on school. If you think that Garrett sounds like a great kid to mentor, contact us today!

Grant, Age 15 Last Updated June 9, 2017
Grant is a 15 year old boy in the Eugene area, who loves mechanics, cars, computers, as well as playing video games. However, he is looking for a more active who has more free time to go bike riding, and fishing. He is rather introverted. Grant is hoping to find a male mentor with the same interests, who can also introduce him to and participate in hands on and outdoor activities, which are abundant in the Eugene area where he lives. Grant would do best with a mentor who can grasp and respect his boundaries, but also offers the attention and support needed to help positively guide Grant and allow him to thrive in all aspects of life.

George, Age 10 Last Updated October 13, 2017
This is George. He is 10 years old, lives in the Springfield area and loves skateboarding. Besides his aspirations to become a professional skateboarder when he gets older, George also enjoys reading and playing/watching baseball. He has been playing for two years and his favorite position on the field is first base. Although George’s favorite team is the Yankees, he’s never been to a Eugene Emeralds game and would really like to go some day. George needs a mentor who will give him individualized time and attention, while working on breaking him out of his shell and boosting his confidence. If you think you could be a great mentor for George, apply to become his mentor today!

Axel, Age 15 Last Updated October 13, 2017
Axel is a 12 year old boy that lives in the Eugene area. His favorite color is purple and he loves all types of food. With a fascination to new foods and new activities, Axel would work well with a mentor that could help his curious nature. He loves to be active as much as possible and really would love to get himself into sports. Axel is looking for a mentor that can be a big brother to him and help him gain more confidence in himself. He’s a great kid, with a lot to offer the world. A mentor who could help him see his true potential would be the best fit. If Axel sounds like a good match for you, please apply to become his mentor today.