Testimonial #1
My name is Jen and I began mentoring in January to a 15year old girl.  Before I met my mentee I was not looking to be a mentor.  I was just looking to fill a few extra hours a week by volunteering and I knew that Lisa would place me where I would be the most help.  So when her response was "how do you feel about mentoring" all that went through my head was are you kidding?  I am pretty sure I started laughing.  My hesitation was not because I didn't think that I would be a positive role model.  I really didn't think that I had the personality for it as I am not very outgoing and I am some what quiet.  Deciding to be a mentor was a huge step for me, one that I am so happy I chose to do it.  When I started with the program I knew I wanted to give my mentee the feeling as if she was apart of our family,  so a lot of our time spent together was at family outings, dinners, and birthdays.  Things that she didn't always get to do because of being a foster child.  The joy on her face made me understand why we need mentors for our foster youth. 
  Today she is now my daughter.  Our roles have changed dramatically over the summer.  In June she needed to change placements.  My husband and I were informed of this possibility from the beginning.  It was a big decision and one that we knew the answer to immediately.  If she was a fit for our family then there would be no way we could turn our backs on her. Our biological children bonded with her as well as our extended families.  We couldn't imagine our family without her.  I can honestly say it has not been easy.  We have had our share of hiccups, but what families don't?  I feel so blessed to have her in my life.  She has taught me so much about myself.  I am a better person because of her.