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A Family For Every Child's Mentor Program serves foster youth and at risk youth in the State of Oregon, primarily in the Lane County area, the Salem area, and youth in the greater Portland area. We work with youth of all ages and focus on youth with few permanency resources, or who need extra support. We work with one of the most vulnerable populations, which is why our mentors go through an extensive clearing process. All mentors must fill out a volunteer application, attend an orientation, and pass a criminal background check.

Some Statistics About Foster Care

Some Statistics About Foster Care

There are more than 400,000 children and youth in foster care in the U.S. today. From this number, more than 20,000 youth "age out" or emancipate from foster care each year, and within the first 18 months of emancipation up to 50% of former foster youth become homeless, where they are subjected to financial, mental, physical and societal stress. Many youth struggle in this plight and fail to escape homelessness and poverty due to limited support from their community.

If you cannot adopt nor become a foster parent, consider mentoring a foster youth…

Many people feel like they would like to help a child in need, but do not have the ability to do so. If you are unable to provide a home for a youth, you can still help in a major way. If you believe that you possess the capacity to be a great role model, friend, and source of support, then mentoring is likely for you. Many of the children we work with are thankful that they have someone outside of their support staff who cares for them, and will be there for them consistently. We serve children in Lane County, Marion County, Multnomah County, Washington County, and Clackamas County. To complete our volunteer application, click here. To view children who are waiting for mentors, click here. To refer a child to our Mentor Program, click here.
Children In Oregon and Lane County

Children in Oregon and Lane County

  • In the state of Oregon in 2011, there were 74,342 reports of child abuse or neglect, 43.5% of which were assessed and 23.2% were founded.
  • 12,994 children in Oregon were in foster care at least once in 2011.
  • 431 youth aged out of foster in the state of Oregon in 2011.
  • In Lane County, Oregon, there were 5,762 reports of child abuse or neglect in 2011, and 25.7% of the 48% of investigated reports were founded.
  • 1,703 children in Lane County have been in foster care at least once in 2011.
  • 42 children aged out of foster care
Statistics from Status of Oregon's Children: County Data Handbook 2012 by Children First for Oregon.

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