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A Family For Every Child willingly extends its adoption services to include members of all minority and LGBT communities, while navigating policy changes and striving to help children find their forever families. AFFEC is a nondiscriminatory agency that understands and takes into careful consideration the importance of maintaining the cultural and ethnic roots children living in the foster care system often lose touch with on their journey to finding a permanent family. With Spanish-speaking team members and English as a second language resources, AFFEC hopes to help break down cultural barriers and allow any family the chance to grow through adoption.

In order for healthy development in adoptive children, research shows the importance of adoptive placements with families who can accommodate their individual issues and needs, and create opportunities for them while addressing any of their cultural, ethnic, or social differences.

Why is it important to acknowledge culture or ethnic difference in adoption
  • Transracially adopted children may find themselves struggling to understand why they are "different"

  • Transracially adopted children may have difficulty fitting in with their own families, their social environments, and their cultures of origin.

  • Transracially adopted children are at risk of having difficulty developing a positive or ethnic identity.

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