Enjoy Winter & Spring with Your Child

Spring is a great time of year; the cold winter months are almost behind us, the days begin to get longer, and summer is just around the corner! Spring offers some great opportunities for your family to have fun through many activities that embrace the season. These activities will keep your children engaged, active, and even learning throughout the spring.

Play in the Rain

“April showers bring May flowers” and they bring on the fun! Playing in the rain is a fun and exciting way for kids to be active and explore. If cabin fever has everyone feeling a little antsy, then suit up in your best rain gear and get outside! There are many great ways to play and have fun in the rain; here are some ideas to make the most of a rainy day. A rainy walk or some puddle-jumping fun will use up excess energy, and afterward, a warm bath and cozy PJs will feel just great. Just be sure you don’t take your family out to play in rain that is too heavy or stormy; always make sure weather conditions are safe before going on your rainy adventure.

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Fun and Creative Indoor Activities

For some families playing in the rain may not be the most ideal kind of fun, so what are these families supposed to do on a rainy spring day? Here are 101 great ideas to keep your children entertained indoors while still partaking in fun, creative, and even educational activities without the use of any screens (television, tablets, or computers). Additionally arts and crafts can be a great way to have fun indoors while encouraging your child’s creativity and letting their imagination run wild! Here are a few ideas to bring out your child’s creative genius.

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Get Active!

Take advantage of those beautiful sunny spring days and go outside to play. Ensuring that your child engages in the recommended 60 minutes   or more of physical activity each day   will help them to maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit. From bike rides to flying kites and going on nature walks, there are many things that your family can do that encourage your children to be active while still having fun! Here is a list of some fun ways to get your children active this spring that are completely free! It may be a challenge to pull some kids away from their favorite screens (whether it be the T.V., iPad, or computer) but once you get them enjoying the great outdoors they will learn to have fun a healthy and active way.

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Spring Break Camps

Day camps are a great way for kids to enjoy their spring break while engaging in fun activities in an educational environment. There are many day camps open to all children and some focused solely on adopted children. A fun and educational day camp open to all children is Trackers Earth , an award winning outdoor adventure and nature focused camp that offers a variety of camps for children ages 4 through grade 12 every day for the week of spring break. Trackers Earth has a Bay Area location as well a Portland, Oregon location. A camp that focuses solely on adopted children is Family Bonding/Healing Hearts Camp hosted by Families by Design. Families by Design offers information and education about attachment and bonding issues, early trauma, and   Reactive Attachment Disorder. The Family Bonding/Healing Hearts Camp allows parents and children to engage in bonding and healing activities, connect with similar families, and believes that, “sometimes the best method of support comes when you immerse yourself and your family in a specially designed camp   full of love and ideas and best of all, others like you!” Families by Design has three camps during the spring in Florida , Oregon , and Illinois , additional information about the camp can be found here .

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