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Many foster children face the risk of spending their entire childhood in multiple foster care placements.  These are wonderful kids who need to find their "Forever Families" and A Family for Every Child Adoption Agency specializes in finding homes for these "special needs" children.  Children with "special needs" are children over 6 years old, part of a sibling group, who have some physical, mental or emotional disabilities, or are part of an ethnic minority.  Those children at risk of "aging-out" of foster care especially concern us.  They are the hardest to place because they have been in the system the longest.  They have a higher likelihood of dropping out of school, homelessness, poverty, and young parenthood because they lack the support system most young adults take for granted.  They do not have any more time to wait.

Change the Life of A Child

How do I become an adoptive parent?
What is the process?

The process begins when prospective parents inquire about a specific child or adoption in general.  Do this by completing our online Adoption Inquiry Form or by contacting the agency directly, in person or via telephone. Are you just starting out, have questions or would like to start the Home Study Process? We can help you with your questions; we understand that this can be an exciting, although somewhat confusing, time for prospective parents. Support and information are vital for success.  Therefore, we at the A Family for Every Child Adoption Agency commit to providing the information and support necessary to help families succeed at "special needs" adoption. If you are an Oregon Family and would like to receive information about our agency please click here.  If you have a completed Home Study and need help with the Matching phase of finding your son or daughter click here. As A Family for Every Child Adoption Agency family you will be included in our Matching Program. To find out more about how you can become a parent to a child who is waiting for their "Forever Family" please feel free to contact our office at (541)-343-2856 or (877)-343-2856.


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