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A Family For Every Child
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Christy Obie-Barrett,
Executive Director

A Family For Every Child is a non-profit organization that serves families, children, and agencies nationwide. Thank you for all your support.

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Online Matching Events

  • "Q&A with the caseworkers, and the variety of pictures of the kids. I liked that the caseworkers didn't hold back and they told the good, the bad, and the ugly about the history of the kids. I appreciate that" Washington Family
  • "Appreciate the agencies giving this new form of recruitment a try. Great opportunity to interact and recruit for kids without leaving the office." Ohio Child Worker
  • "It's convenient, flexible, and can build into your schedule. I truly enjoyed this." Pennsylvania Family
  • "As a recruiter, I enjoyed viewing the webinar. This is an out of the box recruitment strategy that will hopefully generate several potential adoptive homes for the nine children featured. Great job" Virgina Child Worker
  • "Being able to ask questions and get immediate feedback" New Jersey Family

A Family For Every Child has partnered with many different social workers and agencies from around the country to provide you with these unique and exciting events.

During our online webinar events families will have private access to many special children, where you can view photos and/or video and hear from people who are actively involved in these children’s lives.

Social workers will be on hand to answer family’s questions and give feedback and information about the type of families that would be the best match for these children. Once the event has concluded families will be given the opportunity to submit their homestudy on children that they feel would be a good fit for their families.

In order for families to attend these special events they will need to pre-register for the event they are interested in participating in and insure that they have also uploaded their current homestudy. Only Adoption Workers and families with completed homestudies will be approved to attend these events due to the personal and detailed information that will be provided about the children during the event.

If you are a social worker interested in featuring your child in one of our upcoming events or would just like to hear more about how these events work please contact recruitment@afamilyforeverychild.org.

Social Workers

A Few Reminders for our Matching Events

  1. Please remember we are all here for the same reason and we all want children and families to find successful matches, please be patient, this Matching Online process is new to us all.
  2. You have the ability to ask questions of the children's workers, these questions will not be seen by all. Due to confidentiality, time limitations and potentially other reasons, we may not be able to answer all questions but will do our best to answer the most common ones, and those that will benefit all families the most. Our Event Organizer will also ask some common questions that we will have pre-designed for this event.
  3. During the webinar all families will be muted. But you will be able to chat/text your questions for only the caseworkers to view.
  4. Following the webinar, we will ask you to participate in a quick survey, we would appreciate your contributions to making this event better and better in the future by giving us your input.
  5. You will also be given the opportunity to submit your study on any of the children featured, we will confirm your submission in an email to you and your worker when it has been completed.
  6. We hope you find this helpful, we hope to grow to do many more Online Matching Events. Our hope is that these events will provide an outlet for families and children with special needs and geographic areas to find their perfect match.

Click here to see the Power Point from an online matching event

Questions frequently asked and answered during our Online Matching Events!

  • How and when did the child come in to foster care?
  • How does this child do with other children in the home? Or do they need to be an only child?
  • Does the child enjoy animals?
  • Would the case worker consider same sex couples?
  • How does the child do in school? Do they participate in mainstream or public education?
  • Would moving across the country be an issue for this child?
  • Does the child respond better to men or to women?
  • What are some of the parenting skills and experience the family adopting this child will need?