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Recruitment Program — Child Listings

Child Listings

Listing: Listing a child in our database exposes the child to families who are also registered in our database. Potential adoptive families who are registered can submit home studies for children on our private site, and can also read a short bio and view a picture of the child.
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Child Listings and Matching Program

Families who register for our Matching Assistance Program have access to all children who are listed in our database. Matching Assistance is a password protected membership program that supports qualified, current approved home studied families looking for available waiting foster children. Matching Assistance Program families are home studied approved families, many of which have undergone special training, classes, certifications and more. This is another resource that A Family For Every Child provides in our extensive recruitment program. The Matching Assistance Program not only helps families find children, but also greatly helps children who are registered in our private database. It allows hundreds of families to search through our database in hopes of finding the perfect child for them.

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All families in the Matching Assistance Program are qualified to adopt children from foster care, and are interested in adopting children with special needs, older children, or sibling groups. In addition to giving children on your caseload extra exposure, you (as a social worker) can also view family profiles on our MAP page.

Public Listings

If a child is listed publicly with our agency, they are on our public website. This allows them to have additional exposure to families, recruiters and adoption workers who are not registered in our database.
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Listing a child on our public site gives the child all the exposure that listing them privately would, and then some. In addition to our MAP families and families who are registered in our database, public child listings allow families to inquire on children more easily and more frequently.

On average, there are over 500 home studies submitted every month via A Family For Every Child's public site. Furthermore, 59,795,518 people visited our website in the past 10 months.