A Family For Every Child:

Recruitment Program — Targeted Emails

Targeted E-Mail

A Family For Every Child's Targeted E-mails are e-mails that go out to families that match the specified child's needs. We run a report through our database and select families that specifically fit with the child's special needs and wants.
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What are these E-Mails?

We send out an e-mail with the child's name, state, age, biography and picture. If a video is provided, we can link it to the email, so the families can watch it! These are themed to a certain interest of the child, hoping that the true personality of the child will shine through.

How Can I Get an E-Mail for my Child?

Click on the Link Below and Fill Out the Form.

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When do they get sent out?

We schedule them normally the day after the email created. If there is a certain date or time, we are more that willing to work with you!
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Where Are They Sent?

These emails target specific families for children

A Family For Every Child believes that children should be matched with families based on their needs and the family's qualifications. We do not believe a family should receive a child (especially a child with special needs) just because they want to adopt. Targeted e-mails successfully match children with families who can help them grow into their full potential.

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What are the Advantages?

A Family For Every Child can target families nationwide. We are not limited to only looking for families in the child's home state. Additionally, these e-mails give children additional exposure to families who would not have seen them otherwise.
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