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A Family For Every Child
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Eugene, OR 97402

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Christy Obie-Barrett,
Executive Director

A Family For Every Child is a non-profit organization that serves families, children, and agencies nationwide. Thank you for all your support.
District 2 - Multnomah County

Updated July 12th, 2016

Multnomah County
Foundations Training

8 Sessions

Updated Sequence Dates and Times Coming Soon. Stay Tuned!

For New Foster, Relative & Adoptive Caregivers

You must meet with a Foster Certifier or Adoption Worker and be instructed to attend Foundations Training before attending these classes. Each parenting caregiver in your home must attend one of each Foundations session.

If DHS has emergency placed children in your home, you must attend “Foundations 1: System Orientation” within 30 days of placement.

You MUST PRE-REGISTER for each session of the Foundations series. If you just SHOW UP, and we have a fully registered session, you will NOT be able to stay.

Sorry, we are unable to provide Child Care for most classes. Children may not attend classes due to class size and inappropriate content.


Metro Training Center

1245 SE 122nd Ave., North Building, Entry A

Portland, OR 97233

The Metro Training Center is scheduled to move in September 2016.
Please double check location then. More information coming soon!


FOUNDATIONS SESSION 1: System Orientation

**As of January 1st there will be child care available FOR THIS CLASS ONLY.**
You must request child care when you register to ensure there is appropriate supervision for your child(ren). This is subject to change at any time.

  • Tuesday, July 26th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Saturday, August 6th, 9:00am-12:00pm
  • Tuesday, August 9th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Tuesday, August 23rd, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Saturday, September 10th, 9:00am-12:00pm
  • Tuesday, September 13th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Tuesday, September 27th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Saturday, October 1st, 9:00am-12:00pm
  • Tuesday, October 4th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Tuesday, October 18th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Saturday, November 5th, 9:00am-12:00pm
  • Tuesday, November 8th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Tuesday, November 22th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Saturday, December 3rd, 9:00am-12:00pm
  • Tuesday, December 6th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Tuesday, December 13th, 6:00pm-9:00pm

FOUNDATIONS SESSION 2: The Importance of Birth Families

  • Monday, July 11th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Saturday, August 6th, 1:00pm-4:00pm
  • Thursday, August 11th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Monday, September 12th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Thursday, October 13th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Monday, November 7th, 6:00pm-9:00pm

FOUNDATIONS SESSION 3: Child Development and the Impact of Abuse

  • Monday, July 18th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Thursday, August 18th, 1:00pm-4:00pm
  • Saturday, September 17th, 9:00am-12:00pm
  • Monday, September 19th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Thursday, October 20th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Monday, November 14th, 6:00pm-9:00pm


  • Monday, July 25th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Thursday, August 25th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Saturday, September 17th, 1:00pm-4:00pm
  • Monday, September 26th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Thursday, October 27th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Monday, November 21st, 6:00pm-9:00pm

FOUNDATIONS SESSION 5: Behavior Management

  • Thursday, July 7th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Monday, August 1st, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Thursday, September 1st, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Monday, October 3rd, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Saturday, October 22nd, 9:00am-12:00pm
  • Thursday, November 3rd, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Monday, November 28th, 6:00pm-9:00pm

FOUNDATIONS SESSION 6: Valuing the Child's Heritage

  • Thursday, July 14th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Monday, August 8th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Thursday, September 8th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Thursday, October 10th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Saturday, October 22nd, 1:00pm-4:00pm
  • Thursday, November 10th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Monday, December 5th, 6:00pm-9:00pm

FOUNDATIONS SESSION 7: Working with the Child's Family

  • Thursday, July 21st, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Monday, August 15th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Thursday, September 15th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Monday, October 17th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Saturday, November 12th, 9:00am-12:00pm
  • Thursday, November 17th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Monday, December 12th, 6:00pm-9:00pm

FOUNDATIONS SESSION 8: Next Steps for Foster and Adoptive Caregivers

  • Thursday, July 28th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Monday, August 22nd, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Thursday, September 22nd, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Monday, October 24th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Saturday, November 12th, 1:00pm-4:00pm
  • Thursday, December 1st, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Monday, December 19th, 6:00pm-9:00pm


Call Metro Training Line at 971-673-1822 ext. 1

Please attend “Foundations 1: System Orientation” first. Attending training sessions in sequential order is recommended, but not required. We will keep track of your attendance in a common database.

Multnomah County
District 2 Metro Training & Volunteer Services
Melissa Masserant
Irene Phipps (se habla espanol)

Phone: (971)-673-1837
Phone: (503) 872-5256(fax)
E-Mail: melissa.masserant@state.or.us

Multnomah County Department of Human Services
2446 SE Ladd Ave
Portland, OR 97214

Call for Training Information

State Training Website Link