Online DSHS Orientation Informaton

Online Orientation

This orientation provides the information you need to apply for a home study with Children's Administration. While you can complete orientation online, the in-person orientations at your local office offer an opportunity to ask questions. Use the map above to find a local orientation.

Home studies are required for:
  • Foster home licenses
  • Adoption of legally free children in the custody of CA
  • Placement of a relative child who is in involved with CA's Child Protective Services or Voluntary Services

The online orientation has 4 parts:
  1. Watch these videos:
  2. Download these forms:
    If you want to be licensed, add these forms: If you are a relative who does not want to be licensed, add this form:
  3. Watch this presentation to learn about the forms and licensing regulations, to review the frequently asked questions and take the quiz. There is no required score for the quiz. It is one way to learn about some of the requirements. Print the quiz as confirmation for your licensor that you completed this online orientation.
    View the presentation
  4. Call a Children's Administration home study worker at your local office to review your forms if you are applying with Children's Administration. While you may submit an application at any time, Orientation and PRIDE may help you determine fostering is the right fit for your family. If you are applying with a private agency, contact that agency.
    Contact a Children's Administration office