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Matching Assistance Statistics and Benefits

Family Adoption Specialists search over 75 photolisting sites to find  children that meet your family's needs.

Each month, Family Adoption Specialists e-mail families at least 8 compiled lists of children that fit a family's child preferences.

The Matching Assistance Program provided nearly 75 families across the country with foster care adoption support services, national and local child searches and resources.

The Matching Assistance Program has access to over 700 privately listed  children.

2/3 of families who leave our program are successfully matched with a child or sibling group.

Benefits of the site, *depending upon the membership level you choose include:

Access to additional child listings. We have many children who may not be available through public listing sites but are available through private protected web listings.

From each child’s bio page, you have the opportunity to submit your homestudy from the comfort of your own home. 

Submit on children found on other photolisting sites, outside of A Family For Every Child, with minimal information.

*You will be assigned your own FAMILY ADOPTION SPECIALIST that searches for you, follows up and helps you submit on kids all over the country.

Within the first two weeks, we send your family biography, homestudy documents and family videos to our extensive database of over 2,000 recruiters, social workers and agencies around the United States, introducing your family as a potential match for a waiting a child or children on their caseload.

*A “REVIEWER” that reads your family biography and homestudy documents to give you perspective and suggestions for your family profile.

You have control! You can add/edit/delete and update any information in your family biography and profile at any time from your FAMILY HOME PAGE.

You get ADVANCED email notices of "KIDS IN NEED EMAILS." We usually send these out when a child is in urgent need, and caseworkers are really ready to move quickly. The MAP families get 24 advance notices of these situations.


ACCESS TO IN DEPTH INFORMATION ON ADOPTION, new photo-listing sites, creating a life book, services, trainings and more from within the log on site.