Do you have a special needs child or sibling group on your caseload? Are you seeking a family that can provide a permanent home for this child or sibling group? Want an easy way to view a large number of home study-approved families that are members of our Matching Assistance Program? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you need to create a caseworker login with us today!

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**This login is for workers who have children they are recruiting for, and who are seeking to connect with waiting families. If you are an adoption worker seeking to upload a family's home study, please visit our Agency page to create an Adoption Worker login.

Our Mission:

A Family for Every Child is dedicated to find loving, permanent families for every waiting foster child.


What is Matching Assistance?

Our Matching Assistance Program (MAP) is a free membership program for home study-approved families who are seeking to adopt a foster child or sibling group. We work with families, adoption workers, and caseworkers to help match families with waiting foster children.

Who are the Families?

We have a large number of qualified families, from all over the country,signed up with our program. They range from single parents, same sex couples, two-parent families, and former foster parents. These families have gone through their required training, and often have completed additional trainings so they are well-versed in the issues that foster children face. All of our MAP families have so much to offer a waiting foster child or sibling group, and we ask that you take a look at their profiles to find permanent matches for the children on your caseload.

How to View Our MAP Families

In order to view all of our waiting MAP families, you will need to create a login. It is fast, easy, and free! By creating a login, you will be able to search for families based on their child preferences, to find families that meet the needs of the children on your caseload. Click here to create a login.


Want to List Children on Your Caseload?

A Family for Every Child currently has over 1000 children listed on our site for our Matching Assistance families to submit for. By listing children on our site, you will increase the chances of finding a forever family for the child or children on your caseload.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Matching Assistance Coordinator, at or (425) 449-3509.