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Family Profile

By placing your parent profile on A Family For Every Child your family can
be viewed by thousands of caseworkers seeking families for children in
foster care.  The Internet has become an exciting medium for exposure to a
greater number of potential children.

Your family bio/profile page should consist of:

*       A well-done profile

*       Warm, welcoming and genuine 

*       Information about yourselves, your interests, and your immediate

*       Display photographs that show your family, your interests and

There are many divergent opinions regarding Family Profiles. Many wonder
what should be included in the Family Profile and in what order? How long
should it be? What documents should be attached? And what should be
emphasized and/or omitted? 

                 A core ingredient is the family's own story. There are many
ways that a family can tell their story:

*       Through an autobiography written by the family - and unedited by the
worker.  The family prepares the autobiography, in response to a broadly
worded questions, such as, "Tell us about yourself and what is important in
your life."

*       The family should provide a statement about the child(ren) whom they
believe they can welcome into their hearts and home and whom they believe
they can parent well. Encourage the family to use broad parameters in this
statement without pushing them to 'stretch' beyond what they believe they
can do. 

Photo Hints:

*        Avoid using blurry,  or black and white photos. 

*        Make sure they are clear and appropriate.

Other Helpful Hints:

*        Check your spelling and grammar.

*        Make sure to update your profile.

*        Have you expressed personality characteristics and interests?

v       Many adoption professionals state that personality is the most
important area on which to focus in determining a good fit between children
and families. Common interests often are a bridge to developing a
relationship between a parent and a child. 


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