Adoption Information

The Family Home Page

The family home page is the central point for your matching assistance account.  There are many functions that can happen here.

  • #1 Basic Profile Info
  • This information was completed when you initially created a log in.   Parent information, adoption preferences, parenting experience, trainings, etc.

  • #2 Biography And Photo
  • This is the section you will use to edit/update biography text, edit the biography style, upload photos or video as well as viewing your family biography.

  • #3 Request Activation / Deactivate
  • Once finished writing your biography, uploading photos, and we have your homestudy, you can request we activate your account.  Your membership is almost finalized!  You will receive an email with a link to finish your membership activation.  By selecting the appropriate membership level and setting up your recurring payments, you will immediately be able to view the additional private child listings and we will then begin our journey with you.

  • #4 Non-Public Listings
  • You can view the children available for adoption, as well as request to submit your homestudy on children you find through this search.  From each child’s bio page, you have the opportunity to submit your homestudy from the comfort of your own home.  You can view the children you have submitted your homestudy on, if they were located within our private addition child listings. Children found during the national child searches are not found here.  Submit on children found on other photolisting sites.  This is a great feature and is extremely convenient for families.  With minimal information, you can request we submit you homestudy on children found through other sites.  (Please give additional time for submission confirmations)

To the left of the Family Home Page you will see two buttons:  NON-PUBLIC CHILD LISTINGS and SUBMIT ON OFFSITE CHILDREN as well as a navigation panel with additional information and resources.

NON-PUBLIC CHILD LISTINGS - Use this button to view all privately listed children, or all children, private and public.  You can request to submit you homestudy from each child’s bio page.  When submitting from here, your request is recorded  under #4, View submissions on Children and can be viewed at any time.

SUBMIT ON OFFSITE CHILDREN – Use this button to request we send your homestudy to a child found on a listing site other than our own.  The matching assistance site does not record each of these submissions for your view.  You will need to contact a representative with A Family For Every Child for these records.


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