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How long will it take to adopt?

There are many factors to consider when asking how long it will take. If you are open in your adoption preferences, such as, race, age or sibling groups the wait could be much shorter. Much of the delay is agency and paperwork related.

The timeframe from initial inquiry before a child is placed with you may take up to a year, possibly longer, depending on your personal circumstances and the child you are seeking to adopt. Families waiting for a younger child will typically wait longer than families open to older children, sibling groups, or children with disabilities.

With our membership program, families should feel more engaged during this difficult "searching/waiting" part of the adoption process.  We're here to help support and guide our families through this part of the adoption process.

We all know how hard this can be on families. We are constantly maintaining our website and strive to give families the best support and resources we can.