A Family For Every Child
A Family For Every Child
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A Family For Every Child
Phone: 541-343-2856
Toll-Free: 877-343-2856
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A Family For Every Child
1675 West 11th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97402

Fax: 541-343-2866

Tax I.D. 20-4151057

Christy Obie-Barrett,
Executive Director

A Family For Every Child is a non-profit organization that serves families, children, and agencies nationwide. Thank you for all your support.

How to Sign Up to Matching Assistance

How to sign up: please go to:  http://www.afamilyforeverychild.org   Read the disclaimer and electronically sign,
click “Agree.”  You will then be able to start creating your profile.

Create your family profile.

  • This includes agency information, adoption worker information, family members, adoption preferences, etc.
    Fill in as much information as you can.  The more information you record, makes our searches and
    caseworker searches easier to find you.

Once you are done with the family Profile you will come to a screen that is titled, “Family Home Page.”

On this page there are three sections for you to choose from.  Begin with the 1st and work your way
through the steps.

  • Select a Style for the Photo Biography
  • Edit the Biography in the Style You Have Chosen

(This is where you add all the information you want to include in your family story.  Do not include personal
information like addresses, or phone numbers)

  • Upload the Family Thumbnail Photo (this is the picture a caseworker will see first)
  • Upload Family Video (optional)
  • View Family Biography (This is where you can see what your page looks like when published to the

The Profile, Biography, and Home Study are Finished.  Request Activation (Clicking this link will prompt me to
check your profile status.  Once all these steps are finished,  I will complete your activation and you will be
able to access the private listing children)

Your account will not be activated until you have set your recurring payment using JustGive.org

For more information or to sign up with our program, please go to http://www.afamilyforever.org/ .

Jennifer Hancock--Matching Assistance Director
Address: 1675 West 11th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97402
Fax: 541-343-2866 Phone: 877-343-2856