A Family For Every Child
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Matching Assistance Program for Professionals Family and Child Matching Made Easy

What is Matching Assistance?

Matching Assistance is a password protected membership program with additional child listings, helping support home study-approved families who are seeking to adopt from foster care. MAP works alongside families, their adoption workers, and children's social workers during the "matching" phase of the adoption process, connecting waiting families with children.

MAP is a useful recruitment resource thatworks with you, adoption workers, and social workers to connect families and children

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MAP Offers:
  • Social worker contact information for certain states
  • Successful recruitment services to connect families with caseworkers
  • Exclusive access to additional child listings available to MAP families only
  • "Recently Listed Children" emails featuring newly added children that match a family's preferences
  • First-rate child search and submission capabilities
  • Access to informative and helpful resources
  • Automatic home study submission