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Birthday Weather 
Find the weather for any state or country.  If you want weather for a historical date, i.e. your child’s
birthday, go to the country/city you want and enter that date.  Free!

Beth O'Malley's Website: 
Created by an adoptee & new adoptive mother.  Tons of free resources, articles, monthly newsletter,
success stories, Q&A section, schedule for Beth’s live presentations, and the LifeBook Shoppe
(books, workbooks, & special E-reports).

Time Capsule Website:
Discover what happened the day you were born. Headlines, toys, movies, or even famous people born
on same date. Free!

Lifebook Articles

Want to learn more?  Need handouts for training?  Check out articles written by an adult adoptee
(that would be me--Beth O'Malley).Interested in finding a map? Google it.

Go to and type in “maps—name of country or state/province.”  There are many sites
which have downloadable maps, geography facts, etcetera.  Very helpful tool for showing where children
are born and where they live now.

Karen’s Adoption Links 
Perhaps one of the best adoption sites---it contains tons of resources related to both LifeBooks and
adoption.  IT IS A NON COMMERCIAL WEBSITE.  Newly added are International birth, family search
resources, and Sibling Registries for both adoptive parents and adult adoptees.

Day of Birth
Learn what day of the week you were born on.  Discover how many days until your next birthday, how
many seconds old you are, plus other links.  Free!


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