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This program was created to aid families through the adoption process. We are committed to assisting families, caseworkers and adoption workers in the effort to place children in adoptive homes. We understand that adoption workers, and caseworkers as well, have very high case loads and many simply do not have the time and resources to recruit for one family day in and day out. That is where AFFEC steps in.

With the Matching Assistance Program, families now have options!

Why Photo-List?

Each day, children’s case workers search for suitable homes for hundreds of foster kids nationwide.  In this search, they are looking at parenting qualifications such as:

*Parent Training and Education.
*Ability to accommodate special needs.
*Family background and situation.

Oval: 'If we can make a difference for one child, perhaps we can make a difference for other children in the system.' Tracy and Richard    A Family For Every Child gets calls daily from case workers who are trying to locate a family for a child. If you have expressed an interest in a particular child in the past, or simply expressed an interest in adoption and supplied us with a home study, we can supply your home study to them when the case worker contacts us about a particular child. We also make our database of adoptive families available to case workers who would like to search for a home for children themselves. Having your profile, biography, home study, and possibly a video ready for a searching case worker greatly increases the chance that you will be selected as a potential family for a waiting child.


You don't need extraordinary equipment to provide these to us. Pertinent, honest, and entertaining family photos can be taken with an ordinary digital camera and uploaded via the internet to the Family Website. The profile consists of information about how to reach you, your situation, and your parenting experiences.  And your home study is kept confidentially.









Text Box:    Family Videos  Profile Samples    Photolistings provide prospective adoptive parents an opportunity to search for children themselves. Photolistings are also a highly effective way to let Americans know that there are thousands of children in the United States that need adoptive families. Photolistings are a tool used by agencies to get the word out that “this child needs a family now!”  ~******~  It's better to have a loving family than to have no family at all.   These children are looking for their 'Forever' families.   Could it be your family?    “A picture is worth a thousand words”    Jennifer Hancock  Matching Assistance Director  541-343-2856  877-343-2856  Your account will not be activated until you have set your recurring payment using