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Matching Assistance Program

GroupkidsDo you want to be “found” for a waiting child?
Matching Assistance is a password protected site with additional child listings, helping support qualified, current home studied families during their journey to adoption. Many families have a difficult time finding children to submit on as well as being considered and notified by the caseworkers. We pride ourselves on having a very current and reliable web listing of children waiting for their adoptive family.  Learn more

Our Goal
Our goal is to come alongside families who have been in the process for a longer period of time, providing them with one on one communication, assurance and assistance in learning how to best represent themselves in their family profile and home study, as well as helping them to do child searches based on what will best fit within their family. Learn more

There are really 2 BIG advantages of this program, and many smaller ones as well.

You will be assigned your own FAMILY ADOPTION SPECIALIST that searches for you, follows up and helps you submit on kids all over the country.

You get access to a "PASSWORD PROTECTED LISTING" of children, 3 times as many kids that are on the public web site. Children listed, are from all over the United States and can sometimes be seen in other photolistings online. These children are conveniently located in one place for easy review and homestudy submission.

SUBMIT FOR YOURSELF on the private listing site. When you submit your homestudy from the child's bio page, your homestudy, family biography, family video and any other family materials you wish the child's worker to receive will be sent.

You get to CREATE A FAMILY BIOGRAPHY PAGE to help communicate the strengths of your family and use images to tell your story.

There is a point person within our agency that will MONITOR ALL YOUR FAMILY DOCUMENTS and make sure all documents are current and acceptable for most states.  This person will review your family materials and give you advice on how to address your strengths in your family biography.

ACCESS TO IN DEPTH INFORMATION ON ADOPTION, new photolisting sites, creating a life book, services, trainings and more from within the log on site.

You also get WEEKLY EMAIL NEWSLETTERS geared toward the MAP program.

You get ADVANCED email notice of 'KIDS IN NEED EMAILS". We usually send these out when a child is in urgent need, and caseworkers are really ready to move quickly. The Matching Assistance families get 24 advanced notice of these situations.

The children

Children of all ages may be adopted, however, most waiting children are OVER the age of 5 and may fall under one or more of the following categories:

  • be part of a sibling group needing to be placed together
  • be part of a racial, ethnic, or cultural minority
  • have physical, mental, developmental or emotional disabilitie

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