How to Sign Up for Matching Assistance

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Read the disclaimer and electronically sign,
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Once have created your account, you will begin the MAP Family Registration Sequence.

These are the steps of our MAP Registration Sequence. If for any reason you need to leave during this sequence, we will save your place so you can come back to the part you were on.

Part I: The video Overview:

Watch the Matching Assistance Program (MAP) overview video to see why MAP is an important way to market your family and to learn about some of the tools provided to MAP Families.

Part II: The MAP Overview Slideshow

Go through the Map Overview Slideshow for another look at why MAP is an important way to market your family and to learn about some of the tools provided to Map Families.

Part III: The Registration Page

Fill out the MAP Registration Page with as much information as possible. Use complete sentences in all text areas. The more you write on this page, the easier it will be to fill out you profile. Much of this information will automatically be used to create a basic profile which you will edit later. Double check all the information on this page before you move on.

  • Section 1: Basic Information For Registration
    • Fill out your personal information on Section 1. This includes information like: Your First and Last Names, Birth Date, Contact Information and Occupation. As well as your Spouse/Partner's First and Last Names, Birth Date, and Occupation (if applicable).

    • On Section 1 you will also fill out the number of children in your home, as well as their Names, Birth Dates, origins, and ethnicities.

    • You will also enter the number of children who no longer live in your home. Do not fill out the Names and Birth Dates of children who do not live with you anymore.

  • Sections 2 & 3: Additional Information About Your Family
    • In Sections 2 and 3 you will fill out information about you family including you and, if applicable, your spouse/partner's ethnicities.
    • You will describe you and your spouse/partner's hobbies.
    • You will describe your ethical, spiritual, and practical beliefs.
    • You will specify the type of home you live in.
    • You will describe where and how you spend your time at home as a family
    • You will also rate your relationship with your neighbors between 1 and 5.
    • You will describe activities and interests for children in your neighborhood.
    • You will describe the schools in your neighborood.
    • You will describe the organizations you belong to.
    • You will describe your child-care plan
    • You will describe activities you would do with a child
    • You will specify the types of animals you own, if any.
    • You will describe your favorite sports teams, TV shows, Movies, Music, and more.
    • You will specify if you take the time to travel as a family.
  • Section 4: Adoption Worker and Home Study Info
    • You will fill out your Adoption Worker's contact information
    • You will specify where you are in the Home Study Process
  • Section 5: Adoption and Child Preferences
  • In Section 5, you will specify information about the child you would like to adopt inluding history, age, ethnicity, and contact with biological parents and past foster parents.

  • Section 6: Special Needs and Challenges
  • Section 6 is an optional section where you are able to specify any special needs or challenges that you have experience with or are willing to accept in a foster child.

  • Section 7: Parents Training and Experience
  • In Section 7 you will be asked to describe your parenting experience, your strengths, any training you have taken, your reason for adopting, your parenting skills, how the new child will effect your family's everyday life, any resources you know of in your community that will assist you, and how you will involve your children in the process of helping the new child to adjust.

  • Section 8: Personal Support System
  • In Section 8 you will be asked to describe you primary and secondary sources of support

  • Section 9: Commitment
  • In Section 9 you will be asked to describe your commitment to the child you may be adopting.

Part IV: Family Profile Video

Watch the Family Profile Video for information about creating you Family Profile and obtaining a Home Study.

Part V: Profile Overview Slideshow

Go through the Profile Overview Slideshow for more information about how we can use your Family Profile, as well as why it is important that it is filled out completely. Make sure to read each slide so you know what to do so we are able to use your profile.

Part VI: The Profile Page

This is where you get to create your profile. Make sure that all information is in complete sentences and that gramatically it makes sense. Much of it has been filled out already from the Registration page in Part III, however it is extremely important that you review all the information and edit as needed. Remember, this is where you get to make your family shine.

Part VII: The Home Study Page

Select the option on this page that matches your Home Study situation to let us know where you are at in the Home Study process.

Unactivated MAP Home Page

From the MAP Home Page you can edit your Family Profile, upload and add pictures to your Family Profile, view and edit your Registration information, request or upload your Home Study, review the tutorial videos and slideshows, update your account information and more. Once we have recieved your Home Study you can Request MAP Membership Activation. Once this request is processed you will be able to use all the tools that come with being a MAP family.

Request MAP Activation once we have your Home Study by selecting the Blue Button in the center of the MAP Home Page

Activated MAP Family Home Page

Once your family has been activated as a MAP Family you will be able to search for and submit on children on our site, as well as view suggested matches with children who match the preferences you gave on your registration form. You will also be able to view children who have been given an urgent placement status and you will be able to post on and view the family forum. You will also be able to mark children as favorites so you can come right back to the them later.

To sign up with our program, please go to this page.
For more information, please contact:
Matching Assistance Coordinator
Address:1675 West 11th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97402
Fax: 541-343-2866 Phone: (425) 449-3509 Email:

We reserve the right to refuse our services based on our evaluation of our ability to assist a family. If we feel we will not be able to serve a family, we reserve the right to not take them on as a Matching Assistance Client.