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Oregon Requirements

What are Oregon requirements on training? Does our training meet Oregon’s criteria for training?

Oregon is like many states, including Washington.  We have a state approved and mandated training that is required of our families to adopt.  If you are a family adopting a child from another state, you may well be asked (as the case in Oregon and Washington) to have training that is the equivalent to ours. 
At that point you are one of the final families being selected you will need to address this training issue if you have not done it before and it could potentially slow your process.  We encourage you to seek as much training as possible during your adoption journey, not only to qualify for placements from other states but to also make you a better candidate for the adoption process.

If the your family has gaps in your training you can either seek this training from your agency/adoption worker, if they are qualified, or seek local training or take training online (ideally facilitated training) at http://www.fosterparents.com . You will need to get a copy of the training completion for your own records (we don't need it here). If the training is not facilitated then you will need to be available to answer any questions that come out of the training. At the end of this training, we will need your adoption worker/agency to assess your experience and training and send us an email that they understand and are able to implement the techniques learned in the training for each topic. A simple email is fine.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to call.

(A) The effects of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional) and neglect on a child;
(B) The effects of drugs and alcohol on a child;
(C) The effects of moves and transition on a child;
(D) The significance of the birth family, including grief and loss issues;
(E) Openness in adoption;
(F) The attachment process and attachment difficulties; and
(G) Positive behavior management.

If you add significantly to your training, it could be to your benefit to have your adoption worker write this into your home study with a simple update or addendum.