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Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

Asperger Syndrome: Living Outside the Bell Curve (DVD)
This DVD looks at Asperger students in general and focuses on 12-year-old Andrew. Dr. Tina Iyama, M.D., U of Wisconsin Children's Hospital, explains causes, symptoms, and strategies for coping with Asperger Syndrome. Andrew shows that with appropriate supports it's possible to flourish outside the accepted social and educational bell curve.

Just This Side Of Normal: Glimpses Into Life with Autism
Elizabeth King Gerlach Books
In this collection of vignettes about raising a child with autism, Gerlach is able to convey the confusions, distress and yearnings of a parent who is deeply worried about her son, but she also shows moments of joy at watching this engagingly "different" child grow and learn.

Oasis Guide to Asperger Syndrome, The: Advice, Support, Insight, and Inspiration
Kirby, Barbara L. Bashe, Patricia Romanowski Books
Part One describes what Asperger Syndrome is, what it looks like, and how it is diagnosed. Part Two, “Taking Control,” discusses how to relate to having a child with AS, building the foundation for success, options and interventions, medication, and Special Education basics. Part Three, “The Whole Child,” explores your child’s emotional, social and school life and challenges of growing up.

1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Ellen & Veronica Notbohm & Zysk Books
The 7 chapters in this book offer strategies and considerations regarding sensory integration, communication and language, behavior, daily living skills, social skills, teaching and education, and Special Education law. Not a book on theory, it offers page after page of practical, Martha Stewart style ideas that you or others working with your child can apply.

Asperger's and Girls
Tony and others Attwood Books
After Dr. Attwood's 4 and a half pages on Aspergers and girls, are essays from five women who are experts in the field and from three successful adult women diagnosed with Aspergers including Temple Grandin, Ph. D. They cover topics such as diagnoses, education, puberty, relationships, and careers; experts in the field share practical advice for both caregivers and the women and girls who are affected by Asperger's.

Thinking in Pictures and Other Reports from My Life with Autism
Temple Grandin Books
In this unprecedented book, Grandin delivers a report from the country of autism. Writing from the dual perspectives of scientist and autistic person, she tells how that country is experienced by its inhabitants and how she managed to breach its boundaries to function in the outside world. What emerges is the document of an extraordinary human being, one who in gracefully and lucidly bridging the gulf between her condition and our own, sheds light on the riddle of our common identity.

Activity Schedules for Children with Autism: Teaching Independent Behavior
Lynn E. McClannahan Books
An activity schedule is a set of pictures or words that cues a child (or adolescent or adult) to engage in a sequence of activities. This book shows parents and professionals how to assess a child’s readiness to use activity schedules; how to prepare activity schedules; how to use the schedules and monitor progress; etc.

Autism Essentials DVD Training Program
Monique Simpson DVDs
Every child with autism is unique. So no matter what therapy you choose for your child, you need a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding of their unique autistic features before deciding on the best course of treatment for them. The 8-disk DVD set "Autism Essentials DVD Training Program: is uniquely designed to rapidly increase your knowledge of your own child's sensory, emotional, thinking, learning and behavioural patterns. It will provide you with invaluable information and empower you with the skills and practical know-how to create a powerful vision for your child's treatment, giving you confidence and hope. You will learn some of the most effective strategies, techniques and therapy ideas to help your child. We show you what to do and take the time to explain exactly how to do it in ways that are easy to understand and apply. Without even realizing it, you will be creating a powerful, respectful, fun and motivating learning environment for your child.

Pervasive Developmental Disorders: Finding a Diagnosis and Getting Help
Mitzi Waltz Books
Designed for parents, adults diagnosed with PDD, and professionals, this book shows how medications, therapies, and educational techniques can address symptoms and improve the lives of people with PDD. In some cases the results can be spectacular. Waltz includes a range of stories from parents who are raising children with PDD to cover such topics as: getting a diagnosis; treatment options; and coping with diagnosis and treatment.

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