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Our Daughters and Sons: Questions and Answers for Parents of Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual People
This booklet, from Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), addresses questions commonly asked by parents of children who are gay. It covers such topics as the definition of homosexuality, religion, STD's, and how parents can be supportive of their children during the "coming out" process. In addition, this booklet contains a list of many other helpful resources for both gay people and their parents.

The Velveteen Father
Jesse Green Books
Being a parent was not a high priority for acclaimed journalist and novelist Jesse Green, but when, at the age of 37, he fell in love with a man who had recently adopted a baby boy, fatherhood suddenly fell into his lap. In this warm, humorous, deeply personal book, Green recounts the unexpected journey he and his partner traveled together on the road to parenthood.

What if Someone I Know Is Gay? Answers to Questions About Gay and Lesbian People
Eric Marcus Children's Books
Aimed at teenagers, this book breaks down the stereotypes surrounding homosexuality. Written in question-and-answer form, the author answers real questions from real teenagers about everything from sex to religion. He pushes aside all of the myths and misinformation to help kids understand what being gay is really all about.

Daddy & Papa: A Story About Gay Fathers in America (DVD)
Through the stories of four families, including the filmmaker’s own, this film explores the growing phenomenon of gay fatherhood and its impact on American culture. It delves into the particular challenges facing gay men who decide to become dads, including surrogacy, interracial adoption, the complexities of gay divorce, and the battle for full legal status as parents.

Family Influences on Childhood Behavior and Development: Evidence-Based Prevention and Treatment Approaches
Thomas, and Gary Blau Gullotta Books
This collection of 13 essays intended for clinicians examines factors associated with families in distress and factors that promote healthy coping skills and resilience. The first 5 chapters explore what family means today, circumstances that can make family life challenging or painful, and how prevention and treatment approaches can help. The next 8 chapters focus on potentially distressing events, including adoption, divorce, stepfamilies, lesbian and gay families, foster care, parents with mental illnesses, physical abuse, and sexual abuse.

Gay Men Choosing Parenthood
Gerald P. Mallon Books
This book uses case studies, interviews and research to present an affirming look at gay parenthood. It presents the journey of gay males who have become parents through foster care, adoption and other kinship relationships. Social climate, support service issues, and comparison to heterosexual parenting are explored.

Lesbian and Gay Families: Redefining Parenting in America
Jill S. Pollack Books
This book introduces the reader to seven gay or lesbian families. Their firsthand testimony becomes a vehicle for exploring the many roads to parenthood including adoption, alternative insemination, and previous heterosexual relationships. Pollack establishes that love, not heterosexuality, makes a family.

Lesbian and Gay Fostering and Adoption
Stephen Hicks Books
This book presents a collection of personal accounts given by singles and couples in Great Britain who have fostered or adopted children. It also includes an editorial essay which examines the many issues involved when lesbians or gay men choose this method of building a family

Lesbians and Gay Men as Foster Parents
Wendell Ricketts Books
Through facts, arguments and personal stories, Mr. Ricketts diffuses stereotypes and clearly shows both the need for and the goodness of lesbian and gay foster parents. This book will be of immense value to agency administrators, policy makers, social workers, and all members of the helping professions.

Love Makes a Family: Gay Parents in the 90’s (VHS)

Remco Kobus Videotapes
By Remco Kobus, Marla Leech, and Daniel Veltri. In this video, we meet a lesbian single mother who shares parenting with the gay father of her son; a lesbian couple who care for one’s children by a previous marriage; and a gay male couple with two adopted sons. Also interviewed are a clinical psychologist and a therapist who work with gay families. These appealing case studies provide an affirmation of gay parenting rather than a how-to manual.

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