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One Small Boat: The Story of a Little Girl, Lost Then Found
Kathy Harrison Books
From the author of Another Place at the Table, this book focuses on five-year-old Daisy, one of the numerous children the Harrisons have taken in over the years. It is a story of real people, warts and all, who struggle to bring a safe haven to children who have endured extraordinary hardships and of the realities of the systems in place to protect them.

Freeing Your Child from Anxiety
Tamar E. Chansky Books
This book offers practical solutions to overcome your child’s fears, worries, and phobias. It examines all manifestations of childhood fears, including social anxiety disorder, Tourette’s syndrome, hair-pulling, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. It guides you through a program to help your child back to emotional safety.

Letting Go of Anger: The 10 Most Common Anger Styles and What to Do About Them
Ron Potter-Efron, M.S.W. Books
This book identifies ten of the most common ways people express their anger and offers methods for changing them. It gives an in-depth description of these types of anger, where they come from, and how to identify them. The helpful techniques they describe are for anyone who wants to learn to express anger in healthy and productive ways.

Fire-Setting: Foster Parent College ( DVD)
In this DVD course, Rick Delaney gives parents a clear understanding of four types of fire-setting problems with children – silent but deadly, impulsive, disturbed, and accidental or curious – and presents some unique and effective ways parents can respond.

Why Isn't Johnny Crying?: Coping with Depression in Children
Donald H. Jr. McKnew Books
The authors have identified and classified the problems associated with depression in young people and have outlined approaches to help treat and relieve even hopeless feelings.

Right Fit, The: Finding Effective Help for Families with Attachment Challenged Children (CD)
In this audio program, Juli Alvarado, at Coaching for Life, (, interviews Jennifer Winkelmann. Juli speaks from her role as a mother to foster and biological children, seeking information for parents on finding the right kind of help for children with attachment challenges. Jen and Juli discuss how to find an effective therapist and equip parents and professionals with the keys to successful treatment.

Treating Traumatized Children: New Insights and Creative Interventions
Beverly James Books
This book offers innovative, insightful, and compassionate approaches to helping children work through their traumatic experiences regardless of the nature of the event.

Raising a Moody Child: How to Cope with Depression and Bipolar Disorder
Mary and Jill Arnold Fristad Books
Bipolar illness and depression can derail a child’s normal development at any age. With sage advice to parents (and kids) that “it’s not your fault, but it’s your challenge,” the authors provide a roadmap and a toolkit of strategies for families facing these complicated, heritable, and treatable medical disorders.

When Love is Not Enough: How Mental Health Professionals Can Help Special Needs Adoptive Families
Marian Sandmaier Books
This book focuses on helping professionals work with families to prepare for adoption and to maximize adjustment after adoption, primarily of special-needs children. The complex emotional needs of the entire family must be understood and worked through, often with the help of mental health professionals, to achieve successful integration of the adoptee with all members involved in the dynamics of the family system.

Raising Your Spirited Child
Mary Kurcinka Books
Spirited kids are, in fact, simply "more"--by temperament, they are more intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent, and uncomfortable with change than the average child. Distinguished here from hyperactive children, Mary Sheedy Kurcinka offers parents emotional support and proven strategies for handling their spirited child.


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