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Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide
Kay R. Jamison Books
Weaving together a psychological and scientific exploration of the subject with personal essays about individual suicides, Dr. Jamison brings not only her compassion and literary skill but all of her knowledge, research and clinical experience to bear on this devastating problem. In tracing the network of reasons underlying suicide, she brings us the critical biological and psychological factors that interact to cause suicide and the powerful treatments available from modern medicine.

Running Away: Foster Parent College (DVD)
This DVD course explores five types of running away behavior with children: searching for roots, running from rules, running from love and intimacy, wanting to be wanted, and running to street crime. Rick Delaney discusses what foster and adoptive families can do to prevent it and how they can promote more positive behavior.

Eternal High: A Teenager’s Experience with Depression and Suicide that will Change Your Life (DVD)
Bryce Mackie DVDs
Meet 17-year-old Bryce Mackie, a filmmaker who captured his true-life battle with depression and suicide in an award winning short film. At the time he made the film, Bryce was unaware he was suffering from depression. Eternal High includes this film and a speech he gave to his school after receiving treatment. He describes his experience with depression, thoughts of suicide, self-injury, anxiety, self-medication/substance abuse, and his treatment.

When Nothing Matters Anymore: A Survival Guide for Depressed Teens
Bev Cobain Children's Books
This book, by a cousin of rock star Curt Cobain, is her way of making sense of his suicide and reaching out to teens who are sad, discouraged, or depressed. Part 1 describes the causes and types of depression and the connection between depression, suicide, and drug and alcohol abuse. Part 2 discusses different kinds of professional treatment and how to stay healthy. Throughout the book are personal stories from teens who have dealt with depression, survival tips that can help you now and for the rest of your life, and resources for more information, advice, and support.

Self-Harm: Foster Parent College (DVD)
This DVD course with Rick Delaney explores five types of self-destructive behavior with children: self-injury, high-risk behavior, suicidal behavior, reckless accident proneness, and hair pulling. Meet five families whose children participate in these behaviors.


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