Adoption Information

Family Influences on Childhood Behavior and Development: Evidence-Based Prevention and
Treatment Approaches

Thomas, and Gary Blau Gullotta Books
This collection of 13 essays intended for clinicians examines factors associated with families in distress and factors that promote healthy coping skills and resilience. The first 5 chapters explore what family means today, circumstances that can make family life challenging or painful, and how prevention and treatment approaches can help. The next 8 chapters focus on potentially distressing events, including adoption, divorce, stepfamilies, lesbian and gay families, foster care, parents with mental illnesses, physical abuse, and sexual abuse.

Ghosts from the Nursery
Robin Karr-Morse Books
This book offers startling new evidence that violent behavior is fundamentally linked to abuse and neglect in the first two years of life. Using case histories of “children who kill,’ along with the latest in brain development research, the authors show how infancy is the stage during which foundations for trust, empathy, conscience and lifelong learning and thinking are laid down or during which a predisposition to violent behavior is “hardwired” into the brain.

Teens & Gangs: Real Life Teens (DVD)
In this DVD, Teens discuss violence, why teens join gangs, racism and gangs, why gang involvement can lead to personal risk or imprisonment. On the flip side, teens also discuss positive groups that can provide support, and positive role modeling. Hear from real teens as they tell us how they perceive gangs.

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