Your Family Biography

A family biography lays out the picture of who you are as a family and how you became who you are today. It will allow a childs worker a glimpse into your past, your life and the stability you have to offer a child.

When we submit your homestudy to a child's caseworker, your family biography and photos are included to give the caseworker a better glimpse into your family.

Your family bio/profile page should consist of:

* A well-done profile
* Warm, welcoming and genuine
* Information about yourselves, your interests, and your immediate family.
* Display photographs that show your family, your interests and hobbies.

Photo Hints:

* Avoid using blurry, or black and white photos.
* Make sure they are clear and appropriate. Other Helpful Hints:
* Check your spelling and grammar.
* Make sure to update your profile.
* Have you expressed personality characteristics and interests?

Many adoption professionals state that personality is the most important area on which to focus in determining a good fit between children and families. Common interests often are a bridge to developing a relationship between a parent and a child.