Quick Video Tips: Parent Videos

General Tips
  1. Keep in mind that you do not want to overwhelm the child receiving your video. It’s best to avoid including a lot of extended family and to limit yourself to include only one or two pets. (Otherwise it could be presented that the pets/family are more important than the child)
  2. Avoid filming in front of large windows or with the sun shining too brightly behind the subject.
  3. Never turn the camera sideways while filming.
  4. Avoid zooming in or out during a shot.
What to film: Getting the basic shots
  1. Main interview: About 10-20 minutes with adoptive parent(s).

    1. When possible place camera on tripod or stabilize camera by placing on a table in front of you.
    2. Do not look directly into the camera. Instead look off to one side at the person standing next to the camera (if there is one).
    3. The camera should remain at eye level of the subject.
    4. Make sure the camera is focused on your face and not on the background.
    5. The camera should see both of your eyes, avoid profiles.
    6. Eliminate distractions. Be sure to turn off radios, TVs, or other distracting noises.
    7. Make sure you are close enough to the camera to be heard. Playback a sample to make sure the camera is recording your voice clearly.
    8. You should be presented as naturally as possible. Answer questions as though you are talking to a friend.
    9. Things to talk about:

      1. Introduce yourself: name, job, etc....
      2. Talk about your life, if you are a couple – How did you meet, etc....
      3. Describe your typical weekday and weekend.
      4. Explain why you want to adopt.
      5. Tell what you want to provide for your future child.
      6. Illustrate how a child would change your life.
      7. Record what you want your future child to know about you.
        What to do, and what not to do.

  1. (Optional) Everyday action shots:(3-5 activities, 2-4 minutes of footage for each, giving viewers a window into your life).

    1. Avoid looking into the camera.
    2. If you hold the camera by hand, be sure to hold it as steady as possible.
    3. Only film household family members.
    4. Example shots:

      1. Taking a walk or walking the dog.
      2. Making dinner and/or eating a family dinner.
      3. A family picnic.
      4. Going for a jog.
      5. Playing sports.
      6. Hobbies like sewing, drawing, painting, etc....
Fun Activities.
  1. Family photos: Provide 25-30 family photos.

    1. Choose a variety of photographs, some posed and some candid.
    2. Keep it simple for the case worker/child: choose only a couple photos each of the parents and house.
    3. Burn the photographs onto a disc to mail, or email them to video@afamilyforeverychild.org.  If they are not digital, please scan the photos, burn them onto a disc, and mail the disc, or scan and email them.

Family Montage.