Video Profiles

If you seek to adopt a child from foster care, your video profile plays an important role for both children and caseworkers.  For caseworkers, a 3-8 minute video profile provides an intimate window into your world.  It provides an intimate way for you to communicate why you want to adopt, share the love that you have to offer, and express how a child would change your life.

Creating a video profile takes a few easy steps.  Use a video camera, iPhone, or other video device to film yourself sharing a bit about yourself, your family, and why you want to adopt.  Send us the video, along with some family photos, and we'll do the rest.

We have seen how powerful video profiles can be from our experience creating video profiles of children.  These 1-2 minute videos allow parents to get a look into the eyes and lives of their potential child.  They capture children in motion and present them in their own words.  Potential parents thus get a glimpse of a child’s unique voice, smile, and dreams.

Video profiles also build on the vital role of the Heart Gallery photos in our neighborhoods, bringing this vulnerable population into the minds and hearts of our community.

If you want more information about how to become one of the first families to have a profile video, created at a much lower cost than normal, please contact A Family For Every Child at 541-343-2856 or Desiree at