Our Very Generous Photographers

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Lisa Lamping
Louie Law
Kim Adams
Kelly Goff
David Dornbusch
Kevin Clark
Haley Graham
Kianna Ober
Janet Kiesse
Naomi Levit
Corrina Welding
Bruce Berg
Richard Roman
Livia Fremouw
Richard May
Judi Lamb
Paula Goodbar
Jay Schwartz
Wendy Gregory
Michael Ober
Julie Chase
Thomas Boyd
Brandi George
Ben Vallejos
Greg Hill
Ron Quinlan
Erica Bader
Glenda Carter
Alicia Dickerson
Amy West
Colleen Cahill
Dulce Phelps
Diane Inskeep
Thomas Patterson


Jean Mazac
Dean Johnson
Lorie Weldon
Heidi Swoboda
Karen Mullen
Valerie Bowlick-Terrell
Jennifer Wohrle
Sally Honeycutt
Amber Hickman
Kelli Hodges
Aly Medina
Alyssa Rose Evans
Mary Balmaceda
Wenmei Hill
Tara Malouf
Nikki Belyea
Karl Schraml, KX2 Studios
Doreen Michaels
Meg Borders
Bunn Salarzon
Roseann Endres
Lynette Smith


Dave Lund

Photographer Testimonial

The kids are really three of the sweetest children I have ever encountered. Considering the circumstances, I just didn't know what to expect. Little J*** ran up and hugged me around my legs when we walked in. That was just about too much for me a softy at heart but tries not to show it. Patient, courteous, and sweet to each other was not what I expected. The foster parents really cared for the kids. Again, my pre-conception was that they might be just doing it to make a little money (who doesn't need that), but I was really impressed with how they loved the kids. Those three are lucky to have a safety net as good as that.

-- Louie