Special Needs Adoption Coalition Member Agencies (SNAC)

Oregon Special Needs Adoption Coalition (SNAC)

SNAC The Special Needs Adoption Coalition (SNAC) of Oregon is facilitated by Boys & Girls Aid through a contract with the State of Oregon's Department of Human Services (DHS).  An adoption is usually considered "special needs" if the child is over eight years old, part of a sibling group, has some physical, mental or emotional disabilities, or is part of an ethnic minority.  SNAC is comprised of 14 private adoption agencies who work with DHS to locate potential adoptive families for foster children in state custody.  The agencies each have their own fee structure and fees are partially reimbursed through the State of Oregon. 

A Family for Every Child Adoption Agency is different than many existing agencies because is focuses entirely on "special needs" adoptions.  Most of these children are over 6 years old, part of a sibling group, have some physical, mental or emotional disabilities, or are part of an ethnic minority.  Unless they find their forever families soon, these children will likely spend the rest of their childhood in multiple foster care placements.   Of special concern are children at risk of "aging–out" of foster care.  Once these children reach 18, their foster families and the State of Oregon no longer have to give them assistance.  Left to fend for themselves, these hardest to place children have been in the system the longest and because they lack the family support system that most young adults take for granted, they face a higher risk of dropping out of school, homelessness, poverty, and young parenthood.   They do not have any more time to wait!  We know, from working with many families over the last several years, we have a role to play in bridging the gap between really wonderful families and really wonderful children!

A Family For Every Child Our Services: A Family for Every Child Adoption Agency commits to supporting Oregon children and potential parents, throughout the United States, in their search for each other.  A Family for Every Child Adoptions partners with DHS and other SNAC agencies to provide families with home studies and updates.  We also provide committee representation in Oregon for out-of-state families who have been identified as a prospective match by the Department of Human Services.  A Family for Every Child Adoption Agency guides prospective parents through the process of a special needs adoption at all stages!

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A Family for Every Child
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