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Hello and thank you for inquiring!

All of the information we have about the child (or children) you inquired about is on the website.

If you have a home study, the next step is request submission to the child's case worker.

If you haven’t already uploaded it and you would like to submit your study, you (or your adoption worker) may email it to us at submit@afamilyforeverychild.org, upload it on our web site www.afamilyforeverychild.org or FAX it to our office at 541-343-2866.

If you haven’t already requested submission, once we have your Home Study all you need to do is send us your request, identifying which children you would like to be submitted on. 
Send your requests directly to submit@afamilyforeverychild.org.  Simply provide the name of the child/sibling group and their case number or bulletin number.  When we receive your request your Home Study will then be submitted directly to the child’s Case Worker for review.

Because many of our children have very special needs it is our goal to submit only qualified families so as not to overburden Social Workers or raise false hopes in families. The child’s Case Worker will be able to release more information to you about a child once you submit your Home Study and are considered a potential match.


This procedure is meant to meet as many of the states requirements as possible. You will always want to look closely at your own state’s requirements as well as the state the child is coming from.

Some states (Oregon is one) are worker to worker states, so we ask families not to call the workers themselves but to have their Adoption Workers do so for them.

After we get your study and submit it to the child’s Case Worker you will receive a confirmation email that it has been sent.  The date it was sent will be the date of the email you receive.

The recruitment timeline is not up to us. It can vary a great deal with each worker and each individual state. 
We will furnish your home study to a Case Worker and in some cases the Regional State Adoption Consultant or Specialized Child Recruiter.


 It is common for families to sometimes have a difficult time finding the child or children they are looking for or to be discouraged when they are not able to communicate or receive responses from an adoption or case worker.  Sometimes families feel they have been trying to adopt for a very long time with no luck.

 As an organization, we are very aware of the many barriers that exist in placing a child, in Foster Care, into a permanent adoptive home and the struggles families have.

 Because of this we are committed to helping families navigate through the process successfully and supporting them one step at a time.

By visiting our site you can easily identify how we recruit for kids, through photos, video, media, audio and many other tools.
Our website is updated weekly as we receive new information or additional children, so please check back often.
What you may not see are the many programs and processes we have put in place to assist families step by step.
We have been submitting family Home Studies, answering inquiries on children and counseling families on general adoption information for many years.

In response to the needs of families, feeling that they need extra help, we have recently created a program called Matching Assistance (a membership program) to go above and beyond our free services to assist families in a much more personal and extensive way.

Matching Assistance is a password protected site with additional child listings, helping support qualified, current, home studied families during their journey to adoption.

With our membership program families have the opportunity to be more engaged during this difficult "searching/waiting" part of the adoption process. We do this by assigning each family their own Family Adoption Specialist. In addition there are many additional services offered to families to help them become their own advocates with the support of this program, their Specialist and our staff.

 To learn more about our Matching Assistance Program go to:



If, upon review of your home study, your family is considered a good potential match, the child’s Case Worker may contact your agency worker to discuss the child in more detail

Then, if you and your adoption worker have agreed there is potential for a match, you and your adoption worker will have an opportunity to review "Disclosure" including:

1. The child’s legal and social case history

2. Child specific medical information
3. Child’s mental health assessments
4. Educational information
5. Assessments and evaluations


As soon as a child’s Case Worker is no longer accepting studies, we will mark that on the child’s page. You will be notified if you attempt to submit after this happens. This could mean the Case Worker has set a committee date or that they are filtering through the studies and are not accepting more currently.

Child and Family matching decisions are a shared responsibility in most States and will typically involve the child’s Case Worker and supervisor.  You should keep in mind that those involved in placement decisions often change by State, regional area, office, Case Worker and specific case need.

After a family is identified, a transition plan will include the input of the child’s Case Worker, foster parents, new parents and others. The main focus will be on what the best transition will be for the child. If you are an out of state family, this may require several visits. Each plan can vary a great deal depending on the needs of the child, the state and the location of the child and family.



INFORMATION FOR FAMILIES WITHOUT A HOME STUDY Families seeking to adopt a child from the foster care system are required to have the following:

Oregon and Washington states (again other states may be different) will work with singles and couples, married, un-married and domestic partners. If you are just starting on your adoption journey we can provide you with local resources, mentors and your individual state requirements. For more information on resources, agencies and/or help in your area to get started, please email info@afamilyforeverychild.org

You should know that your home study process may take 90 days or longer to complete depending upon your state of residence, placement agency, background checks and other requirements. You cannot rush this process. With that in mind, please realize that the child you have contacted us about may not be available by the time your Home Study is completed.

There are many children that are in need of adoptive families, most of which never make it to an online or other public photo display before a family is found. When reviewing online profiles of children in need of adoptive families, please realize that there are many more than those few you are viewing. Please keep in mind that until your Home Study has been completed and approved child Case Worker’s may not respond to your inquiries, so getting your study is really the first step to begin the process. 

We look forward to working with and assisting you in the future.  Let us know how we can help.

Thank You,