Getting Started | Serching for Children | Pre-Placement | Post-Adoption Support and Resources

Getting Started

Serching for Children

  • DHSS
    Photo listing featuring waiting children in Alaska.
  • NWAE
    Photo listing featuring waiting children in Alaska.
  • WWK Recruiters
    Scroll down and click on Alaska to view contact information for Wendy's Wonderful Kids Recruiters families may contact regarding waiting Alaska children.


  • ICPC Information
    Provides general information about ICPC process in Alaska, including contact information for state ICPC offices.

Post-Adoption Support and Resources

  • Adoption Assistance
    Select Alaska to view more information on adoption assistance in Alaska courtesy of Child Welfare Information Gateway.
  • Alaska 211
    Search for statewide social services.
  • Alaska Center for Resource Families Home
    View announcements from Alaska Center for Resources families and access links on foster care, adoption, training, and community resources.
  • Anchorage Support Resources
    List of support services for families in Anchorage. Services include counseling agencies, therapeutic programs, support groups, Medicaid, child-care, and more. Update January 2012.
  • Fairbanks Community Resource List
    A list of community resources in Fairbanks, Alaska. Resources include child-care, groups serving children with special needs, counseling services, children's groups, legal services, family support, and more.
  • Foster Care and Adoption Resources Links
    Alaska Center for Resource Families provides links to resources for state and nationwide organizations on the topics of foster care, adoption, education, LGBT resources, legal information, parenting traumatized children, resources for military families, and more.
  • Fun Things to Do With Children In Juneau provides a list of family-friendly activities in Juneau.
  • ICWA/Alaska Native Cultural Resources.
    Resources on understanding ICWA, becoming a licensed Tribal foster home, Alaska Native cultural resources, and more.
  • Juneau Family Bulletins
    Juneau Family Bulletins provide families living in Juneau with information on upcoming events, resources, and activity ideas. Courtesy of
  • Juneau Family Pages
    A resource guide for families in Juneau with children 0-8 years. Resources include early learning resources, mental health services, health services, crisis contacts, resources for military families, and more.
  • Mat-Su Valley Resource Guide
    A resource guide for families living in Mat-Su Valley. Resources include health services, mental health/counseling services, support services, recreation services, and more. Updated 2014.
  • Publications
    Alaska Center for Resource Families provides online publications foster and adoptive families may download.
  • Self-Study Online Training
    Alaska Center for Resource families provides links to online training classes for foster and adoptive parents.
  • State Subsidy Information
    NACAC provides general information on adoption subsidies in Alaska.
  • Support for Families
    Support resources for foster and adoptive families, courtesy of Alaska Center for Resource Families.