Getting Started | Searching for Children | Pre-Placement | Post-Adoption Support & Resources

Getting Started

Searching for Children

  • Adoptions Together Heart Gallery
    Heart Gallery featuring waiting foster children in D.C.
  • Wednesday's Child
    Videos featuring some of D.C.'s waiting children.
  • WWK Recruiters
    Scroll down and click on D.C. to view contact information for Wendy's Wonderful Kids Recruiters families may contact regarding D.C.'s waiting children.


  • ICPC Information
    Provides general information about ICPC process in D.C., including contact information for state ICPC offices.

Post-Adoption Support & Resources

  • Adoption Assistance
    Select District of Columbia to view more information on adoption assistance in D.C., courtesy of Child Welfare Information Gateway.
  • Crisis Intervention Services
    Provides contact information for 24-hour crisis line.
  • Community and Government Resources
    Adoptions Together compiled a list of local and government resources.
  • Counseling Services
    Adoptions Together provides families with post-adoption counseling, education, parent coaching, and support groups.
  • Education & Training
    Adoptions Together provides families with free and paid webinars to further their education and training.
  • Saturday Respite Program
    A respite program for families parenting children ages 8-14 with traumatic histories of abuse and neglect. The program is free, meets on the 2nd Saturday of every month from 10am-4pm. The goal is to provide parents with a break and allow children to develop positive peer relationships.
  • Support and Training Events
    A calendar of upcoming support and training events, hosted by Adoptions Together.
  • State Subsidy Information
    NACAC provides general information on adoption subsidies in D.C.
  • Youth Programs
    Interactive map allows you to locate federally funded youth programs for your child. Resources include mental health, bullying, mentoring, afterschool, and more.