Getting Started | Searching for Children | Pre-Placement | Post-Adoption Support and Resources

Getting Started

Searching for Children

  • Iowa Kids Net
    Photo listing featuring waiting children in Iowa.
  • WWK Recruiters
    Scroll down and click on Iowa to view contact information for Wendy's Wonderful Kids Recruiters families may contact regarding waiting Iowa children.


  • ICPC Information
    Provides general information on ICPC process in Iowa, including contact information for state ICPC offices.
  • Lifebooks
    IFAPA provides parents with free lifebook pages.
  • Welcome Books
    IFAPA provides parents with free welcome book pages.

Post-Adoption Support & Resources

  • Adoption Assistance
    Select Iowa to view more information on adoption assistance in the state of Iowa courtesy of Child Welfare Information Gateway.
  • Adoption Resources from IFAPA
    Resources include training, adoption tax credit information, transition information, books, crisis referrals, and national resources.
  • Adoption Respite
    IFAPA provides information on adoption respite program. Families are eligible for adoption respite only if their child is receiving an adoption subsidy from the state of Iowa.
  • Events Calendar
    A calendar of upcoming DHS events. Families can learn more about adoption events where they can meet waiting children in Iowa and their workers.
  • FAIR
    Information on IFAPA's FAIR program. FAIR stands for Foster Allegation Information Resource. Foster and adoptive parents who have had an allegation filed against them can contact the FAIR resource line with questions about the assessment process.
  • IFAPA Newsletters
    Quarterly newsletters published by IFAPA on upcoming training, events, articles, and other information foster and adoptive families may find helpful.
  • IFAPA Publications
    IFAPA provides foster and adoptive parents with publications on a variety of topics. Publication topics include confidentiality guide, cool down chart, journals, court guide, subsidy information, transracial parenting, and more.
  • Iowa Subsidy Program and Adoption Resources.
    Guide to help families navigate Iowa's adoption subsidy program and post adoption resources.
  • Peer Liaisons
    Information on IFAPA's Peer Liaison program. Peer Liaisons are mentors to foster families across the state, providing support and guidance.
  • Resource Information Specialist
    Contact information for IFAPA's two Resource Information Specialists. The Resource Information Specialists provide information on a variety of topics to foster adoptive families, and are available to answer foster care and adoption questions.
  • State Subsidy Information
    NACAC provides general information on adoption subsidies in Iowa.
  • Support Locator
    Find a support group near you.