Getting Started | Searching for Children | Pre-Placement | Post-Adoption Support & Resources

Getting Started

  • Child Adoption Laws
    Adoption laws for state of Missouri
  • CHS Pre-Service Training
    Children's Home Society of Missouri provides STARS training to foster and adoptive families.
  • DSS Offices
    Contact information for county DSS' offices.
  • LGBT Adoption Laws
    LGBT adoption laws in Missouri.
  • PARTNER Program
    Parents As Resources Through Networking & Encouraging Retention is a training and support program geared towards families in the St. Louis metro area seeking to adopt children over the age of 11. Scroll to the bottom of the page for contact information to learn more about PARTNER.
  • Pre-Service Training Information
    Contact your county Children's Division to learn more about STARS pre-service training classes.
  • Private Adoption Agencies
    Adopt Us Kids compiled a list of private adoption agencies in Missouri.
  • Public and Private Agency Search
    Public and private foster care adoption agencies in Missouri.
  • Steps to Adoption
    Missouri Heart Gallery outlines the steps to becoming an adoptive parent in Missouri.

Searching for Children


  • ICPC Information
    Provides general information on ICPC process in Missouri, including contact information for state ICPC offices.

Post-Adoption Support & Resources

  • Adoption Assistance
    Select Missouri to view more information on adoption assistance in the state of Missouri, courtesy of Child Welfare Information Gateway.
  • Adoption Events
    DSS provides a calendar of adoption events taking place in Missouri.
  • Adoption Parent Network
    Central Missouri Foster Care & Adoption Association provides counseling referrals, support groups, and education assistance.
  • CHS Counseling
    Children's Home Society provides counseling to adoptive families. The accept Missouri Medicaid.
  • CHS Support Groups
    Children's Home Society provides support groups for adoptive parents, grandparents, school-age children and adolescents, and a therapeutic support group for children in need of more structure.
  • CHS Training Opportunities
    Children's Home Society offers various training classes. Contact them for more information on upcoming trainings.
  • Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition Events Calendar
    Calendar of events hosted by Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition.
  • Foster & Adoption Care Coalition Respite Care
    Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition will periodically provide free respite services to families for an afternoon. Selection is based on a lottery and registration is required.
  • Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition Support Groups
    Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition provides support groups to adoptive families and teenagers.
  • Missouri Adoption Subsidy Program
    DSS provides information on Missouri's Adoption Subsidy Program.
  • Resource Center
    Central Missouri Foster Care & Adoption Association provides a resource center for families to check out books on adoption. It also provides a free clothing closet for foster parents who need clothes for children just placed in their care, and a prom closet for foster parents who have teens going to prom or another special event.
  • Support Groups
    List of adoption groups, courtesy of Adopt Us Kids.
  • State Subsidy Information
    NACAC provides general information on adoption subsidies in Missouri.