Jackson Resources

Support Groups

Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center
Select your county and it will display support groups near you.

DHS Jackson County Adoption Support Group
Provides a list of events happening throughout Douglas County.

Shelly Busby
909 Royal Court
Medford, OR

North American Council on Adoptable Children Representatives

Shelley Lindsay
357 Alta Street
Ashland, OR 97520
World Wide Web: nacac.org
Southern Oregon Adoptive Families
Select what you and your family want to do and see which parks throughout the county match your selection.

156 Congestoga Street
Grand Pass, OR 97527

Professional Help

Dr. Vince Berger

Jackson County Health and Human Services
Search by city to find professional therapists and counselors in your area.

General Access: (541) 774-8201
Crisis Number: (541) 475-6575 (24 hours)

Adoption Therapists in Jackson County
Provides a list of professionals that can help you and your child through various problems

Youth Line
A peer-to-peer crisis line for teens. Youth working under adult supervision answer calls on divers topics including substance abuse, depression, self-harm, dating violence and other issues (many of which have substance abuse as an underlying issue).

Parental Stress Line

(800) 632-8188

Teen Peer Line

(800) 972-2734


Medford’s Event Calendar
See events going on in Medford.