Lincoln Resources

Professional Help

Dr. Vince Berger

Lincoln County Mental Health Program
Search by city to find professional therapists and counselors in your area.

General Access: (541) 574-5960
Crisis Number: (541) 265-4179 (days) (888) 232-7191 (afternoon)

Adoption Therapists in Lincoln County
Provides a list of professionals that can help you and your child through any problems you are facing.

Youth Line
A peer-to-peer crisis line for teens. Youth working under adult supervision answer calls on divers topics including substance abuse, depression, self-harm, dating violence and other issues (many of which have substance abuse as an underlying issue).

Parental Stress Line

(800) 632-8188

Teen Peer Line

(800) 972-2734


Oregon Teen Conference
Current of former foster youth ages 16-20 are welcome to apply for the conference. Runs for 4 days at Lewis and Clark College. Look for the next conference in the Summer of 2015!

Discover Newport
Look at the attractions that Newport, Oregon encompasses.

Parks and Recreation in Newport
Explore all the recreation activities you and your family can do.

Central Oregon Coast Guide
Rediscover where you live with your family. A category of free activities is listed as well.