Parenting Groups and Resources:

  • Adoption Groups
    A list of Adoptive Families’ online support groups

  • Adoption Mosaic
    Adoption Mosaic provides pre and post-placement support to families through resources, education, workshops, panels and support groups

  • Adoption Nutrition
    Provides foster and adoptive families with answers to their questions surrounding feeding issues, nutrition needs and more

  • ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center
    Learn more about respite care and find a respite care provider near you

  • ATTAcH
    Information on attachment disorders, including links to trainings, books, FAQs and more

  • Attachment and Trauma Network
    Provides information on attachment and trauma disorders, and families with support, help and advocacy

  • Beyond Consequences
    Created by Heather T. Forbes, LCSW and adoptive mother, this website is a place where families can learn about how to handle acting-out behaviors

  • Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD) at USF
    CARD provides families with information on Autism and related disabilities

  • Child Trauma Academy
    Provides resources and education for families, policy makers and professionals regarding trauma and its effect on developing children

  • Empowered to Connect
    Karyn Purvis, director of the TCU Institute of Child Development and a former foster parent, provides resources for foster and adoptive parents in the form of articles, and audio and video presentations on her website Empowered to Connect

  • Families By Design-Nancy Thomas Parenting Resources
    Membership program that offers support and resources for families and professionals on the topics of RAD, PTSD, and ODD, in addition to access to seminars, camps, webinars and private consultations

  • Kid’s Health
    A site for parents, kids and teens that provides general information on various illnesses, growth and development, behaviors, and other disorders in children and teens

  • National Center for Children with Learning Disabilities (NCLD)
    Provides information for families with children who have learning disabilities

  • Openness in Adoption
    A Child Welfare Information Gateway guide for foster and adoptive families on open adoptions

  • Privacy and Safety on Facebook
    A Facebook safety guide created by the NNEDV for survivors of abuse on how they can use Facebook and other forms of social media safely and maintain their privacy

  • Selecting and Working With a Therapist
    A Child Welfare Information Gateway guide to help parents select a therapist who is familiar with adoption issues

  • Social and Emotional Skills Information
    An informative site for teachers on how to work with students on their social and emotional skills in classroom settings

  • Youth Communication
    Stories written by foster teens, for foster teens