DIY Halloween: Costumes for Kids

5135540169_cd06306503_z October 31st doesn’t have to mean spending a small fortune on Halloween costumes for the kids. These days a do-it-yourself Halloween costume is easy as can be! #1. Donut What you’ll need: *One inner tube * Spray paint for the donut, frosting color, and sprinkles *Foam curlers *Hot glue *Painter’s tape Optional: One plastic pumpkin treat bucket & ribbon (for the “donut hole”) Visit for further instructions. #2. Granny & Grandpa What you’ll need: * Sweater, cardigan, suspenders, printed dress, khaki pants, a button up shirt, etc. *Glasses, pearls, curlers, gray yarn to stitch on a hat for hair, cotton balls fashioned into a wig, or temporary gray hair color. * PVC pipe and tennis balls to fashion a walker Visit for further instructions. #3. Scuba Diver What you’ll need: Two 2 liter bottles for the tanks  *A pair of googles and a snorkel  *Electrical tape for a belt & sponge curlers for diving gear  *Long sleeve black shirt & black pants  Visit for further instructions. #4. Sushi  What you’ll need: *White shirt & pants (for babies & toddlers white onesies work perfectly) *White & orange fabric for the fish *Black stretchy fabric for the seaweed  Visit for further instructions. #5. Minions What you’ll need:  *Overalls *Yellow hooded sweatshirt *Black gloves *Black pipe cleaners *Yellow beanie *Paper towel tube, scissors, silver paint & brush, black elastic, stapler Visit for further instructions. If DIY projects are not your cup of tea, try local thrift shops for inexpensive and fun items to piece together a costume. Stores like Goodwill, Value Village, and St Vincent De Paul are great options for the costume hunt. For those in the Eugene and Springfield area check out the Willamalane Sports and Recreation Center on Saturday October 10th from 10:00 to 11:30 for the Great Costume Swap Event. Bring your child’s gently used costumes from the previous year before Saturday to receive a token to redeem on costume swap day for a “new-to-you” costume. For more information on the event visit

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