DIY Halloween: Teen Costumes

halloween   The world of DIY costumes isn’t just limited to small children. No one is too old to dress up for Halloween and DIY options are just as plentiful for teens! #1. Zombie What you will need: * An old t-shirt to cut holes in *Scissors *Red paint or fake blood For further instructions visit: #2. Slurpee  What you will need:  *Tull *A red pool noodle for the straw *Automotive headliner fabric *Acrylic & latex paint For further instructions visit: #3.) Waldo  What you will need: *A white t-shirt with red stripes * Jeans * Black frame glasses *Sneakers *A beanie (red or white with red stripes) * Optional: suspenders For further instructions visit: 4.) Grapes  What you will need: * Purple t-shirt * Green pants  *Green or black shoes * Green or purple  beanie  * Purple balloons  For further instructions: 5.) Lego What you will need: * Cardboard box * A flowerpot  * Four sheets of A4 yellow card * Rubber gloves * A black marker * Scissors *Tape  *Large long sleeve t-shirt For further instructions:

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